The rehabilitation field is developing globally and innovative specialists are in huge demand! This Master’s Programme is for you, who want to develop your competence in rehabilitation.

Master's Degree

Master of Health Care (90 ECTS) 
Master of Social Services (90 ECTS)
depending on your bachelor’s degree

Important Dates

Extra Admission II: 23 July – 6 August 2018
Entrance exam: Online entrance examination & online interview: Monday 13 August – Tuesday 14 August (each applicant has a limited time to complete the written examination and each applicant is given a 30-minute time for a personal online interview)
Studies begin: 1st September 2018
Studies take: approximately 2 years

Apply at

You have to fill in the application form at Studyinfo during the application period:

Rehabilitation, Master Pori

Entrance exam spring 2018

Online entrance examination & online interview: Monday 13 August – Tuesday 14 August (each applicant has a limited time to complete the written examination and each applicant is given a 30-minute time for a personal online interview)

The examination cannot be replaced with any other entrance examination or test result, and the examination result doesn’t replace any other examination result.

The entrance examination is organized online and it consists of written part and personal interview. Applicants’ times for taking the examination may vary. Applicant is required to have a computer, webcam and a reliable Internet connection for taking the exam.

In the entrance examination applicant is required to get at least 50 points out of the maximum 100 points to be eligible for student selection. Students are selected solely in the order of examination points. If there are applicants with the same examination score and if at least one of the applicants would be entitled for students selection, all applicants with the same score are selected as students.


The rehabilitation field is developing globally

Are you a health care or social services professional looking to take the next step in your career? Do you want to get a Master’s degree but hold on to your current job? Do you want to study in English? This is all possible through our Master’s degree programme in rehabilitation.

We welcome applicants who have 3 years of post-graduate working experience and who hold a bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation, healthcare or social services (e.g. physiotherapist, nurse, public health nurse, rehabilitation councellor, bachelor of social services).

The Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation provides you with specific competences in rehabilitation sciences and evidence-based knowledge of the field. During the studies you develop skills, which you can use in management, research and development work. This programme offered in English will also develop skills in international interaction and communication.

Information for Applicants

Master’s studies at a university of applied sciences are a natural extension to a Bachelor’s Degree.  A Masters’s degree in a Finnish University of Applied Sciences correspond to level 7 on the EQF (European Qualification Framework). A UAS Master’s Degree provides the same competence level as a Master’s degree from a university.

What is included in the Master’s in Rehabilitation studies?

Research and management studies (30 credits, 1 credit =27 hours student work):

  • Research, innovation and development methods
  • Research in management and knowledge management
  • Management and leadership in healthcare and social sector
  • Evidence-based rehabilitation and rehabilitation research

Advanced professional studies (25 credits)

  • Theories of rehabilitation and implementation of rehabilitation services
  • The quality and effectiveness of rehabilitation
  • User-orientation in services and technology OR Service innovations and service design
  • Assessment and support of functioning in rehabilitation

Elective studies (5 credits)

Master’s Thesis (30 credits)

Master’s Thesis in Rehabilitation

The Master’s Thesis is a research or development task closely connected with the employment field. It combines the development needs of the commissioner and the student’s own career development with advanced professional studies. During the thesis process you develop work methods, tools and/or work practices.

The examples of theses:

Perspectives of  physiotherapists’ continuing  education involvement and resultant development proposals

Fluent communication teaching by new means - quality development in an enterprise (English abstract on page 3)

A new pretation of the impasse – vocational rehabilitation counseling process realization (English abstract on page 3)


Combine work and study

Tuition in the Master’s Degree Programme is organised so that studies can be combined with full-time work. The Blended Learning approach enables combining work and study with flexibility alongside working even from abroad.


The next step in your career

After graduating from the Master’s Degree Programme in Rehabilitation, you can work in demanding expert and management tasks or in RDI activities in the public sector, in enterprises or other organizations. SAMK also supports establishment of your own business.

Further Information

Student Admissions Office
(02) 623 4801

Principal Lecturer
Dr Anne Kärki
+358 44 710 3471

Your Campus

SAMK Campus Pori
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