Students’ well-being

Students’ well-being is important for SAMK. Services supporting students’ well-being are available during the full course of your studies.

Student health care

The services of student health care are available for all full-time SAMK students regardless of your domicile. Regulations apply to fees for the services. All SAMK students can turn to the services of a Public Health Nurse when needed.

From 2021 students in programs of Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees are eligible for the services offered by FSHS – Finnish Student Health Service. Service fees are to be paid to KELA – Social Insurance Institution of Finland.

Support for your well-being and coping at work and studies:

Upcoming events

Opiskelijaryhmä, yksi lähikuvassa sivuttain, kolme taustalla

Don't be alone

Don't be alone with your feelings, worries and fears. On this student well-being website, you'll find activities and support services that are best suited to boosting your well-being. Read more about How to deal with the feelings, fears and concerns caused by war - Nyyti ry


SAMMAKKO is a students’ organization, a community for all students. SAMMAKKO looks forward to making your student life in Satakunta a memorable experience – parties and other activities, always lots of fun without forgetting your well-being!

SAMMAKKO has recruited three contact persons to help those who have encountered discrimination, bullying or harassment. The contact persons can help you to clarify the situation and take further steps.

Student counselling and peer tutoring

SAMK students can get counselling and support related to their studies, career perspectives and challenging life situations.

Tutors are there to help each SAMK student in their everyday student life. They guide new students, especially in the beginning of their studies, make it easier for them to get to know the study environment, other students, the practices of the school and discover the town where you are studying.

Tutors can help you in multiple ways and find an answer to the various questions that you may have.

SAMK students with student overalls.


CampusMoWe offers all students an easygoing and accessible set of sport and well-being services in your own study environment. You can find several types of weekly team sports classes or ballgames and virtual and online courses that can be taken anytime.

CampusMoWe services include free services for all. In addition to the free services you can get a CampusMoWe membership card and access more services subject to a fee. A professional MoWe team is there to look after your well-being!


StudyWell – Well-Being for Students and Student Community at SAMK – project, focuses especially on helping student well-being with the effects on the Covid-19 pandemic (2021-2022).

 Who and what the project consists of:

 The Student Union SAMMAKKO – adding to the community spirit, remote events and developing eTutoring

SomeBody – courses and weekly organized group activities for strengthening studying abilities and body awareness, emotional and communication skills

CampusMoWe – courses/services to support well-being as well as weekly exercising at campus and online

Poika ja kaksi tyttöä seisoo seinän valkoisen seinän edessä hymyillen ja näyttää peukkua kameralle.

FeelWell – think students´ well-being

The Goal of the FeelWell- Project is to increase students’ participation, equality and all-around well-being by developing student friendly leisure time activities and well-being services. During the project, well-being tutoring will be developed, which will provide meaningful communal activities in culture, skill, and physical activity.

Functional capacity and participation effect on overall well-being. By increasing participation, the student will feel themself being an important part of the student community, which in return effects positively on functional capacity and mental- & physical health. A Well-being student can focus better on going forward with their studies and graduate on time.

Ministry of education and culture has provided FeelWell- Project a special grant of the Corona time. The Project will we executed in close collaboration with students’ union SAMMAKKO and services supporting SAMK students’ well-being.

Courses and groups that promote your well-being

SomeBody-Groups activities consist of functional exercises that utilize movement for examination of ones’ own emotions and mood in relation to body. Group topics include e.g. self-concept, personal space, body boundaries, awareness, feelings, breathing, posture and movement awareness.

The purpose of group activities is to increase participants skills in body-awareness and abilities to function in different social surroundings. The aim is also to increase participants functional ability and ability to study. More information: and

SomeBody-groups are carried out 3 times per academic year. One English speaking group (2021, weeks 12-20) and 2 Finnish speaking groups.


Instructions and programs

International students attending a class at SAMK campus Rauma.
SAMK students in a classroom.


You can contact pastors and church social workers of different congregations to talk about any issue in life, especially if you are feeling lonely or worrisome. All discussions are confidential. Don’t stay alone!

The Finnish Lutheran Church’s counselling services give advice to problems related to your relationship or family. Services are free for students. The Church offers many channels to talk about different aspects of life, always feel free to contact them, there are no problems too big or too small. You may also find some new friends and a community to share life experiences.

Local well-being services

All people face difficulties in life, everything doesn’t always go according to plan. While close friends and family are important, sometimes you need outside help. Don’t be shy, seek help, you are the expert of your own life!

SAMK students sitting outside in summer.

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Inquiry on student well-being: guidance and support are needed

Inquiry on student well-being was conducted in the spring of 2022 for SAMK students.


  • need clear and sufficiently rapid communication and support from tutor teachers and other teachers in studying and guiding them, especially because of the sense of loneliness caused by distance learning.
  • experience anxiety and loneliness. Where some are doing well and their studies are progressing well, others have challenges with coping and mental health.
  • wish for events and activities related to their own well-being as well as various sports opportunities.

During the studies, the most support has been received from fellow students, tutor teachers and teachers!

Check out SAMK's StudyWell and FeelWell projects’ social media ( & for more info and tips.