Students at Kirjurinluoto Park in Pori

Hobbies, sports and friends

Student Union SAMMAKKO and CampusMoWe organise activities

Many events and activities are organised for students throughout the year. On this page you'll find tips on what to follow, where to meet new people and get tips on hobbies.

Peer tutors and the Student Union SAMMAKKO

The Student Union SAMMAKKO is a community for every SAMK student. SAMMAKKO takes care of the students’ interests and makes sure that they are seen and heard. In the Kurnajaiset and other parties we let loose, on the campuses we are responsible for the well-being of the students – with common sense and a twinkle in the eye. SAMMAKKO is with the students in creating a memorable student life in Satakunta.

SAMMAKKO coordinates tutor activities Peer tutors help every SAMK student to move forward in their studies. Peer tutors act as guides and companions for new students, especially during the early stages of their studies. Peer tutors also introduce students to their new study environment, school practices, the study city and, of course, other students. A peer tutor is there to help you find the answers to the questions on your mind. Peer tutors can also act as well-being tutors.

Well-being tutors activities

Wellbeing tutors are SAMK students who play a key role in organising activities and events for the enjoyment of students that are open to all and support wellbeing and community spirit. Well-being tutors can organise, for example, clubs, sports experiments, nature trips, band clubs, museum visits or other cultural activities. Don’t forget to tell the Wellbeing Scouts about your wishes.

Upcoming events InPori and Rauma provided by well-being tutors can be found in the CampusMoWe mobile app under the Events tab or on the CampusMoWe website.  Events are free of charge unless a fee is specifically mentioned.

CampusMoWeUniversity Sport and Wellbeing Service

For a low semester fee, you have access to a wide range of gym, group fitness and ball games services.

Register as a CampusMoWe user with your HAKA ID on the website or on the CampusMoWe mobile app. Purchase your MoWe Card, which is your access to the services, in the online shop.

SAMK supports your well-being by funding CampusMoWe.

CampusMoWe services are low-threshold services that you can join at any time. The services are aimed at you if you are considering taking up physical activity, have just started or are already active in your daily life.

Movement plays an important role in student well-being. Movement improves mood, helps with stress management and helps you cope with daily tasks.

CampusMoWe has a total of around 30 group exercise and ball sports instructors. If you have experience in coaching or would like to start coaching, apply to become a CampusMoWe instructor.

What, where, when?

A wide range of events and activities are organised for students throughout the year, designed to support students’ progress in their studies, promote their learning and strengthen their sense of community. Here are some tips on how you can keep up to date with events:

  • Follow SAMK’s guidance and wellbeing website and the events calendar where we update information about upcoming events, lectures and other activities related to studying.
  • Read the KASI. Student Union SAMMAKKO newsletter to find out about current events for each month. KASI is sent to every student of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences at
  • Read the CampusMoWe newsletter. In the CampusMoWe newsletter you will receive up-to-date information on mobility-related events, sports trials and services. Sign up at and stay up to date with events.
  • Check out the information boards on campuses, notice boards and print advertisements on tables in public areas.
  • Follow the communication of student organisations: Student organisations organises several activities on their own. Get involved and meet new people.