Document requests

Have you lost your important educational documents? Don't worry - we can help you!

The Student Services of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences produce certified copies of study-related documents for the graduated and left ex-students. The copies and transcripts are subject to a charge.


The requests for documents related to studying can be made by a e-form or by email to Student Office.  After saving the form, the information is transferred automatically to the party concerned.

The following information is needed for the email or form:

  • your whole name
  • possible earlier surname while studying
  • date of birth
  • address
  • telephone/email
  • institute and unit of graduation or leaving
  • degree programme
  • day of graduation or leaving
  • requested document
  • delivery (fetching/posting)
  • possible extra information

Payment of documents

The document copies/transcripts are delivered mainly by cash on delivery (C.O.D.)

If you wish to fetch the delivery yourself from the campus office, mark that on the e-form.  The office will instruct you later with the payment.

Time of delivery

The documents will be delivered in ca two weeks’ time from the request.  During the holiday season, the time of delivery may be 4-8 weeks.  If the delivery is urgent or you wish to fetch the documents yourself, mark that on the e-form.


C.O.D. 40 €, fetch 30 €

  • degree certificate, incl. degree certificate, appendix (transcript of records, Eng + Fin) and Diploma Supplement

C.O.D. 20 €, fetch 10 €

  • part of degree certificate
  • certificates of specialized studies or further education
  • open UAS certificates
  • copies of foreign certificates
  • transcripts of records and certificates
  • certificate of passing a degree course
  • leaving certificate and transcript of records
  • recommendation letter for a graduate
  • report of graduation for a company
  • report of degree equivalence domestic/abroad
  • report of qualification to the assignment
  • curricula before year 2001 (valid curricula after 2001 can be printed here)

The following documents have been surrended to Pori town archives:

  • Porin yksityinen teollisuuskoulu v. 1899–1920 (private industrial school)
  • Porin teollisuuskoulu v. 1920–1941 (industrial school)
  • Porin teknillinen koulu v. 1941–1949 (technical school)
  • Porin teknillinen oppilaitos v. 1949–1992 (technical institute)

Contact info for Pori town archives

The following documents have been surrended to Länsi-Suomen Diakonialaitos (Western Finland’s institute of social work for the church)

  • Porin sosiaalialan oppilaitos v. 1986–1994 (social services institute)

Contact info for administration and economy services of Diakonialaitos