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Research at SAMK

Impactful and diverse research

SAMK is the unifying force for cooperation in working life, education and research in the region and a leader in innovation and development networks. As a university of applied sciences, we invest in research activities that support industrial renewal and strengthen the region's workforce.

SAMK has established six centers to support companies and communities in developing their operations and finding future business opportunities.

The RoboAI Research and Development Center focuses on automation, robotics and artificial intelligence. RoboAI Health, part of RoboAI, will focus on product and service development in wellness and health technologies. RoboAI Green will support the region’s technology cluster for metals and batteries. SAMK, University of Tampere and Prizztech work together in RoboAI.

The Business Intelligence Center BIC will focus on improving the competitiveness, efficiency and productivity of organisations through data analytics and digitalisation.

The Maritime Logistics Research Center works with companies and other actors to improve the efficiency of logistics chains, maritime safety and security of supply.

The Research Center WANDER is an alliance of research and product development, where water, materials and indoor hygiene meet.

The Center for Tourism Business Development leads tourism enterprises towards more sustainable, smart and profitable business. The center initiates the development collaboration in the tourism sector by creating networks and connecting stakeholders from the company level to international networks.

The Research Center for Human Functioning carries out research projects that approach human functioning, well-being and health from new perspectives. The center responds to the challenges of labor shortage and work well-being in Satakunta by making research-based proposals for action.

The Resource Wisdom research area covers energy efficiency, renewable energy, the circular economy, the impact of emissions from production activities and the life-cycle environmental impacts of manufactured products and the built environment.

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