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About SAMK

Think future

We are a multi-disciplinary and an international higher education institute of over 6,700 students and over 500 employees. In our operating area on the west coast of Finland, we are a significant creator of experts as well as a developer, a propeller of internationalisation and a promoter of entrepreneurship.

SAMK’s vision, mission and profile

SAMK provides experts and developers for the region and promotes internationality and entrepreneurship in Satakunta.

The economic and industrial structure of the region requires SAMK to be able to offer extensive education and research opportunities in the fields of health care and social services, business administration, and technology.

SAMK profiles itself as an industrial higher education institution.

Our vision is “All SAMK students will be employed.”

SAMK has the responsibility to produce customizable competence to meet the modern and versatile needs of working life in the region of Satakunta and the neighbouring areas, and in the chosen fields all over Finland.

SAMK’s slogan sums up all this: Think Future.

See the strategy page for strategic goals and other details.

SAMK in figures (2022)

Staff 512

Turnover 39.3 M €

Publications 306

Trainings a total of 40
In Finnish 29
In English 11

Degrees 1058, of which Master Degrees 171
Degree students 6726

Business accelerator
56 new contracts (759 in total)
22 new companies (381 in total)

Students of the Open University of Applied Sciences 3572

80 nationalities

More than 500 partner companies and communities

More than 200 international partner universities

Ongoing projects a total of 135
New domestic projects 32
New international projects 10
External financing of projects 4,8 M € (in 2022)
The total volume of ongoing projects is 15.8 M €

The best quality teaching

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences is the highest quality teaching university in Finland, measured by the average score of the 2010-2021 feedback surveys (AVOP). SAMK has been ranked first four times a year, most recently in 2021.

AVOP is a feedback survey in which students evaluate and give feedback on the education they have received. The results of the survey are used both locally in the development of the HEI’s own activities and nationally in the guidance and funding of education. The questionnaire is completed by all graduating students at universities of applied sciences.

Excellent employability after studies

Our vision is that every one of our students will be employed.

According to Statistics Finland’s ten-year statistical average, SAMK graduates are the most employed among the universities of applied sciences outside the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The employment rate varies by sector.

Exstensive cross-institutional study networks

Cross-institutional studying allows students to take courses offered by other higher education institutions. We are involved in several cross-institutional study networks. The networks and agreements for cross-institutional studies vary and cover a wide range of studies. Many networks focus only on a specific field of study.

High-Quality SAMK

Building a sustainable and responsible future for more than 10 years