Instructions for creating your SAMK-ID and changing password

You will need your SAMK-ID to log in to the SAMK network, the learning platform Moodle, the student management system Loki, the Tuudo application, SAMK's email and M365 services.

On this page you will find instructions on how to create a SAMK-ID. To activate your SAMK-ID, you will need Finnish electronic personal ID card, mobile ID or electronic bank identifier.

Instructions for new students for registering SAMK-ID

This instruction is for students with a Finnish personal identity code and a means for electronic identification in Finland (i.e. Finnish electronic personal ID card, mobile ID or electronic bank identifiers).

Please note that you can only register your SAMK-ID after your right to study has started.

  • Navigate to this page: (if required, allow opening a browser window).
  • “Tunnistaudu / Authenticate”
  • Choose the means of identification: verkkopankkisi = your online bank, varmennekortti = Finnish electronic personal ID card or Mobiilivarmenne = Finnish mobile ID.
  • “Jatka palveluun” = continue to the service. (If you want to cancel, click “Keskeytä siirtyminen”).
  • You can choose to display the terms of use in English by clicking “English”.
  • Read SAMK terms of service with care and accept by choosing “I agree to the terms of service”, then click “Vahvista / Confirm”.
  • Choose ”Opiskelijat / Students”.
  • Read password instructions carefully. Enter your new password twice (new, confirm). The user interface shows you when your password is strong enough. Click “Change Password”.
  • Click “My Account” and check your User Name and Email.
  • Finally log out in the upper right corner.

Setting and changing your password (staff and students)

Setting the password for SAMK-ID with Finnish online banking credentials:

If you know your current SAMK-ID password, you can change it here: