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Support for learning and study skills

Support for learning and studying is available

On this page you will find information about different learning difficulties, self-study materials, listening and reading aids and the possibility to request individual support from a special needs teacher.

Study and writing workshops

All SAMK students, regardless of their degree programme, are offered help with writing and writing a thesis. The help includes, for example, thesis workshops, info sessions, writing meetings and question and answer sessions. You can make use of this in your studies even before you start writing your thesis. You can find thesis workshops and bookable individual times on the Oiva intranet.

You can also take part in the club activities organised by The Student Union SAMMAKKO.

Support for writing and thesis work

SAMK’s thesis guidelines have been written specifically for the needs of students working on a thesis. Is it recommended to use the guidelines also for other written assignments. For guidance and tips, see the guidelines for written assignments and thesis website

Information on learning disabilities

Learning disabilities are common, with 10–20% of the population having some form of learning difficulty. Learning difficulties can manifest themselves in reading, writing, mathematics, foreign language learning, use of digital tools, motor skills, perception and concentration. Early identification of learning difficulties and access to support at all stages of studies is important. Different ways of learning and learning support tools help people to cope with learning, work and everyday life.

Self-study material

Listening and reading aids

Support from a special needs teacher

Support from a special needs teacher

You can contact a special needs teacher if you have received support in your previous studies or if you feel that you need it, if you are accumulating grades, if you are finding it difficult to start tasks or if you are getting a lot of failing grades. If you suspect you have a learning difficulty, or if you have a history of learning difficulties and need individualised arrangements for your studies, read Accessibility and arrangements for individual support.

During the academic year, you may be able to participate in group support workshops led by a special needs teacher. The dates and topics will be announced separately.

Pasi Lehto

Senior Lecturer
+358 44 710 3248
Faculty of Health and Welfare
Operating unit
Faculty Office of Health and Welfare
SAMK Campus Pori

Accessibility and individual support arrangements

You are entitled to individual support arrangements if you have been diagnosed with an illness, disability or other obstacle to progress in your studies.

Please have a counselling interview with your teacher tutor (or student counsellor) and complete form OP16B for individual support for your studies and send the application form as an email attachment to the special needs teacher, .

Once the special needs teacher has received your application, he will invite you to a guidance interview. At the guidance interview, you will present the special needs teacher with an expert opinion on the learning disability that affects you.

The decision on the arrangements for individual support for your studies will be made by the head of teaching of your degree programme on the basis of a proposal from the special needs teacher. Once the head of teaching has made the decision, the special needs teacher will send it to you by e-mail.

Once you have received the decision, you present the decision on the individual support arrangements to the teacher at the latest at the start of the course and agree with the teacher on the individual support arrangements.

Facilities and accessibility

Accessible learning

Accessibility in learning means providing a physical, psychological and social learning environment that ensures equal access for all students. At SAMK we are committed to providing an equal and accessible higher education environment for every student. Special attention is paid to barriers to learning and special arrangements are made to support students in need of special support.

For students with special needs, a calm and (sensory) accessible campus environment where they can reset their own stress levels is important. Since people with special needs may be stressed by visual surroundings and a lot of colour, the calmness brought by earthy tones is important in the campus environment.

Relaamo – a chance to take a break for a change

Not all of us recover in the same way – for example, by constantly being in the company of others. That’s why we want to offer students alternative ways to recover.

Relaamo has been built on the SAMK Campus Pori, next to the “glass cubes” on the 3rd floor of the A section. It is a retreat corner created in the Diginepsy project to support recovery. The Relaamo is built according to the principles of sensory-friendly design. It is hoped that Relaamo will inspire students to reflect on the kind of retreat they need in addition to their study days. The Relaamo has a range of relaxation exercises for you to try out. There are also crosswords, sudoku puzzles and adult colouring books to help you relax in the Relaamo.

Self-study and group work spaces

All campuses at SAMK have facilities for self-study, where you can also study outside teaching hours.

SAMK students can book a group study room at the Pori Campus Library.