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Tourism development in Satakunta

In tourism development, we lead the tourism industry towards a more sustainable and intelligent business. We offer the tourism sector skills, competencies, information, and tools. This provides opportunities for peer support and collaborative efforts to enhance business competitiveness and profitability.

At SAMK, we have gathered our research, development, and innovation activities into research centers. Tourism development forms one of these research entities. Research on Tourism development is concentrated at SAMK’s Center for Tourism Business Development.

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The themes we are working on:

  • Encouraging tourism enterprises to develop their business activities for the future.
  • Renewing the tourism industry by sharing and producing information.
  • Enhancing tourism employment and increasing skills.
  • Activating cooperation in the tourism industry, establishing and coordinating industry networks.
  • Internationalising tourism enterprises as well as tourism research and development activities.
  • Highlighting the importance of the tourism industry in regional decision-making processes.


We coordinate regional, national, and international projects. Our main target group is micro and small tourism enterprises. Their needs are the cornerstones of our activities. In addition, tourism development, education institutions, and associations belong to our target groups.

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