Open science and education

Open science and open education

SAMK is committed to the principles of open science and research and supports openness in learning. SAMK's strategy places open science, open publishing and open materials at the heart of its RDI activities and teaching.

Open science and open education

At SAMK, we are committed to following the principles of open science and research and to supporting openness in learning through our actions. We follow ethical principles and relevant national, EU and international legislation, as well as the principles of the Finnish National Research Integrity Committee (TENK) to ensure voluntary participation, information, confidentiality and data protection. SAMK conducts research in accordance with its CoARA plan. Open science, open publishing and open materials and teaching materials are at the heart of RDI activities and teaching.

Our principle is to make research services, research environments (infrastructures), research materials and methods, and research results available to all. We support openness in teaching by increasing the use of open learning materials and by producing open learning materials. Research projects are subject to a data management plan, which covers making research data open, protecting confidential data, and storing and disposing of data.

There is a separate internal document guiding the principles of business cooperation, which describes the exploitation of RDI results, the commercialisation of innovations and contractual procedures.

Our RDI activities do not compete with the services of SMEs in the region. We will engage in open innovation, with the aim of transferring the results of our RDI activities to stakeholders and partners in the most efficient way. The results of RDI activities, which are not subject to IPR or trade secrets, will be disseminated as widely as possible in line with the principles of open science and research. As a general rule and where possible, SAMK’s research results will be published in open, author-paid publication channels. National recommendations on open access and copyright are taken into account when publishing materials and results, as well as teaching and learning materials.

Services for open RDI and education

The task of SAMK’s open science working group is to activate and promote an open operational culture in SAMK. Services are available both for staff and students. Responsible for the services are the following:

  • Library Services (open access publishing, publication series, publishing register, self-archiving, metadata)
  • ICT and Digital Services (saving the data, data protection)
  • Communication Services (blogs, internal communication, research news)
  • RDI Support Services (data management, contracts, copyright, research ethics)
  • Faculties (open educational resources)
  • Finance and Administration (archives, document management systems)

For more information on open science and responsible evaluation, SAMK staff can contact Cimmo Nurmi, Vice President for Research and by email at

SAMK is part of the Open RDI and Learning Network, which supports the transition towards a more open culture.