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Please, feel free to contact any of us if you have questions.

The format of email addresses is, unless otherwise indicated. Replace umlaut or accented letters with non-diacritic characters (e.g. ä->a).

Admissions Office

Contact information:
Satakunta University of Applied Sciences
Satakunnankatu 23
FI-28130 Pori
+358 2 623 4801

Opening and telephone hours:

Mon 12.00–15.00
Tue–Thu 9.30–15.00
Fri 9.30–11.30

Send a message to SAMK Admissions Office

International Relations Office

The International Office can be contacted at:

The International Office on SAMK campus Pori is open from Monday to Friday at 8.00-15.00. The International Office on SAMK campus Rauma is open from Monday to Friday at 9.00-15.00. Of course you can contact us via email or by phone as well!

General enquiries:

Mr Ari-Pekka Kainu
Head of International Relations
+358 44 710 3179

Ms Sanna Juhantalo
International Relations Coordinator
Administration, Bilateral Agreements
+358 44 710 3037

Ms Johanna Kares-Koskinen
International Relations Coordinator
Administration, Education Export
+358 44 710 3011

Ms Noora Maja
International Relations Coordinator
Administration, Erasmus Agreements and Staff Exchange

+358 44 710 3146

Ms Szilvia Simon-Nagy
International Relations Coordinator
Administration, Relocation Guidance and Integration Support
+ 358 44 710 3409

Ms Riitta Rissanen
International Relations Secretary - Exchange Coordinator
Incoming and Outgoing Student Mobility
(Pori, Rauma, Kankaanpää: Health and Welfare, Fine Arts)
(Pori: Faculties of Service Business and Technology)
+358 44 710 3859

Ms Saija Arslan
International Relations Secretary - Exchange Coordinator
Incoming and Outgoing Student Mobility and International Degree Student issues
(Rauma: Faculty of Logistics and Maritime Technology, incl. International Business and International Trade)
+358 44 710 3563

Ms Junyi Wang
Assistant of International Affairs, +358 44 710 3991

International Relations Assistant, SAMK campus Pori
Lok Gautam, 044 710 3230

International Relations Assistant, SAMK campus Rauma
Nabina Gyawali

Student Office

SAMK campus Pori

Kaisa Harja
+358 44 710 3445,
(Nursing, Physiotherapy)

Helena Laiho
+358 44 710 3216,
(Mechatronics, Artificial Intelligence)

Päivi Tuuliniemi
+358 44 710 6191,
(International Tourism Development, International Tourism Management)

SAMK campus Rauma

Saija Arslan
+358 44 710 3563,


The SAMK Helpdesk can help you with your IT problems, contact the ServiceDesk or +358 2 479 2000.

eSAMK support

eSAMK support for enhanced online teaching and learning, primarily Moodle, HILL, eduHILL, EXAM and Tuudo.
Contact us: +358 2 479 2100 /

Degree Programme Coordinators

Bachelor's Degrees:

Artificial Intelligence: Mr Aleksi Postari, +358 44 710 3054
International Business: Ms Milka Vahtoranta, +358 44 710 3517
International Tourism Management: Ms Jaana Ruoho, + 358 44 710 3825
Logistics: Ms Elviira Tuomi, +358 44 710 3274
Nursing: Ms Maarit Harjanne, +358 44 710 3041
Physiotherapy: Ms Mari Törne, +358 44 710 3881
Sea Captain: Mr Jarmo Teränen, +358 44 710 3679

Master's Degrees:

Sustainable Business Management: Mrs Kati Antola, +358 44 710 3590
Maritime Logistics Management: Mr Janne Lahtinen, +358 44 710 3805
Maritime Management: Mr Peter Sandell, +358 44 710 3691

Student Counsellors

In addition to your own teacher tutor, you will be able to receive guidance and support from the student counsellor in a variety of issues related to study and career planning, as well as challenging study and life situations.

You can contact the student counsellor by email or phone.

Technology: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Automation Engineering, Construction and Municipal Engineering, SAMK Campus Pori
Tarja Elfvengren
+358 44 710 3326

Technology: Energy and Environmental Engineering, International Degree Programmes, Business Information Systems, SAMK Campus Pori
Antti Jokinen-Amee
+358 44 710 3335

Health and Welfare, SAMK Campus Pori, SAMK Campus Rauma and Fine Arts Kankaanpää
Tiina Mikkonen-Ojala
044 710 3422

Service Business, SAMK Campus Pori and Kuninkainen Huittinen
Marjo Keckman
+358 44 710 3866

Logistics and Maritime Technology, SAMK Campus Rauma
Hanna Viskari
+358 50 593 5752

Special needs education

You can contact a special needs teacher when

  • you need individualised learning arrangements because of different learning difficulties (read more).
  • you have received support in your previous studies or you feel that you needed it
  • you are having problems with your studies: you are accumulating arrears, finding it difficult to start tasks or you get a lot of failing grades
  • you suspect a learning difficulty

Special needs teacher Pasi Lehto
+358 44 7103248

Health Care Act

From 1 January 2021 onwards, all degree students in higher education will be entitled to use Finnish Student Health Service FSHS, as long as they have registered as an attending student for a particular term and paid the healthcare fee to KELA.

The purpose of the FSHS is to provide student health services, as stipulated in the Health Care Act, for those studying for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at a university or other institution of higher education.

The FSHS responsibility areas are:

  • to provide students with health and medical care services
  • to promote students’ health and ability to study, and
  • to promote the well-being of the study environment and student community.

Student Deacon & Pastor

Student deacon (Pori) Johanna Simola,, +358 400 309 771
Student pastor (Pori) Heikki Hesso,, +358 400 309 459
Student pastor (Rauma) Milla Voudinlehto,, +358 44 769 1288