Finland – The happiest country in the world!

In Finland, a good life consists of meaningful moments! Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Union, ranks Finland number one in quality of life. The positive attitude to life-long learning makes a good balance between work or study and family life available for most people living in Finland.

Finland is a very clean and green country. Nature surrounds the inhabited areas with national parks, rivers, and lakes. Finns know how to make the most out of outdoor activities. Even in the cities, there are green spaces for everyone to enjoy. According to the Environmental Performance Index, Finland is the greenest country in the world.

We are also a very innovative country. Everyone can start their own business and advice and help is available in every town. The Global Competitiveness Report ranks Finland as the second most innovative country in the world.

The possibility to create a balance of work or studies and family life generates good quality of life that is at the reach of everybody!

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Facts about Finland

  • Population: 5.5 million
  • Capital city: Helsinki
  • Currency unit: euro
  • Official languages: Finnish and Swedish
  • Free education for everyone from early childhood to upper intermediate education
  • The land of thousands of lakes and saunas
  • The land of midnight sun and aurora borealis
  • Finns love coffee and milk
  • Famous brands: Angry Birds, Moomins, Nokia, Supercell, Marimekko, Slush, Kone, Wolt, Clash of Clans
  • The land of Santa Claus
  • Happiest country in the world for the sixth time on a row. Source: World Happiness Report 2023
  • Greenest country in the world. Source: The Environmental Performance Index
  • Safest country in the world. Source: World Economic Forum

Welcome to Satakunta region

The region of Satakunta, in Western Finland, is characterised by its ease of everyday living, unique natural environment and ability to nurture the wellbeing of its residents. Quality of life in Satakunta is ensured through inexpensive living, short distances, diverse employment and education options, a wide range of hobbies and leisure activities, a rich cultural life and unique nature.

Discover Satakunta Region!

Choose SAMK!

At SAMK we have about 7,400 students in total and about 1000 of them are international students from more than 100 countries.


SAMK has students in 4 different faculties: Health and Welfare, Logistics and Maritime Technology, Service Business, and Technology. Annually, we offer about 1,000 new study places in over 30 degree programmes in Finnish and in English. We have 7 Bachelor’s and 1 Master’s Degree Programmes conducted totally in English. Furthermore, we offer many courses in English, both online and in contact teaching. Continuing education, open university studies and tailormade winter or summer studies are also available.


SAMK is known for its quality of education. Our students have ranked us to be among the best universities of applied sciences in Finland. Most of the students find a permanent job right after graduation. The Finnish Education Centre Karvi has audited SAMK. All programmes are accredited by the Ministry of Education and Culture.


SAMK is a truly international educational institution with a wide international network. Every year SAMK attracts over 1000 international degree and exchange students from 100 countries. SAMK has over 200 partner universities all over the world. Furthermore, the international staff mobility brings inspiring addition to the multicultural atmosphere. In 2023 SAMK was awarded as the “International Employer of the Year” for successfully recruiting and retaining international talents. The competition was arranged by Finland’s Junior Chamber International.

All SAMK degree students have the possibility to spend a semester in one of our partner institutions as exchange students. Also, shorter mobility periods and internships abroad are possible.

Develop your entrepreneurial skills

SAMK has an emphasis on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is considered a resource for both the university and for local development. All students have compulsory entrepreneurship studies, which focus on understanding the meaning of entrepreneurship in the employment market and as a general factor promoting employment. In the Enterprise Accelerator the students can develop their own business idea and enterprise.

Get connected with working life

Cooperation with enterprises is an asset for the universities of applied sciences. SAMK has yearly about 300 student projects together with companies and organizations. Cooperation with enterprises gives the studies a practical view. Practical training is a part of all degree programmes. This means that all SAMK students have a traineeship of their own field in an institution or a company. In project learning, in practical training and in a summer job the student learns in practice the skills needed at work and to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired through studies.

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Internationally oriented and innovative – SAMK.

SAMK in numbers

  • 4 campuses
  • 7,400 students
  • 600 staff members
  • Over 30 degree programmes in Finnish
  • 8 degree programmes in English
  • 1,000 international students
  • 100 nationalities on campuses
  • 200 partner institutions around the world
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