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Wellbeing and health technology

Humane technology with social and health sector’s characteristics

Our research in wellbeing and health technology is a multidisciplinary dialogue. It aims to explore and develop solutions for the wellbeing, health and inclusion of individuals and communities through technology. People, holistic wellbeing, and collaboration are at the heart of our work.
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RoboAI Health research entity

At SAMK, we have gathered our research, development, and innovation activities into research centers. Wellbeing and health technology is one of these research areas. Research in wellbeing and health technology is concentrated in the RoboAI Research and Development Center, a joint center of SAMK and the Tampere University Pori Unit. We call the research entity RoboAI Health.

Emfit bed monitor.

The themes we are working on:

  • User-centred technology solutions (automation and robotics, mobile and gaming technologies, 3D design and printing, artificial intelligence, data analytics).
  • Service design and technology deployment.
  • Promoting the secondary use of health data and exploiting the data pool.
  • Impact monitoring (health & wellbeing, quality of life, costs) and user and usability research.
  • Cross-sectoral knowledge and information transfer.
A mobile robot assists the nurse in her work.


Our diverse research projects contribute to the development of the sector at regional, national, and international level. Wellbeing analytics makes healthcare more efficient by using data in a customer-oriented way. Wellbeing technology focuses on developing solutions that make everyday life easier for people with disabilities. We offer testing and research services for wellbeing and health technology to companies and social and health care operators through the Satakunta Testbed activities.

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Find out more about wellbeing and health technology research on the RoboAI Research and Development Center’s own website. We call the research entity RoboAI Health.

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