Two male operators use a collaborative robot.

RoboAI Industry research entity

At SAMK, we have gathered our research, development, and innovation activities into research centers. Automation and robotics is one of these research areas. Research in automation and robotics is concentrated in the RoboAI Research and Development Center, a joint center of SAMK and the Tampere University Pori Unit. We call the research entity RoboAI Industry.

Yumi arm robot.

The themes we are working on:

  • automation and robotics technology research
  • applied research
  • industrial collaboration.
  • technology knowledge transfer
  • integration of research and education.
Robotiikka Akatemian opiskelija käyttää Yumi-robottia.


We carry out research and development in this field with external funding in regional, national, and international research projects. Collaboration with companies provides opportunities for applied research with our experts and RoboAI Academy students. Our projects contribute to the technology knowledge and skills of companies in the region and enable the development of digitalisation.

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Find out more about automation and robotics research on the RoboAI Research and Development Center’s own website. We call the research entity RoboAI Industry.

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