Information on preparedness and action plans for different situations at SAMK

ISafety is an integral part of all activities at SAMK. Taking safety into account is part of the normal daily routine for all of us. We educate and encourage our community to actively participate in maintaining safety and thus promote a culture of safety. The aim is to ensure that everyone at SAMK can focus on studying and working in a safe environment

Information on preparedness and action plans:

  • The key to ensuring safety is to identify and anticipate risks. Therefore, it is particularly important that even minor safety deficiencies and problems are identified and corrected as soon as possible. Every member of the community can contribute to safety by reporting their findings and suggesting improvements.
  • If you notice a safety deficiency in a learning or working situation, or if you are in a near-miss or threatening situation, or if you experience harassment or inappropriate behaviour, for example, you should report it immediately so that the situation can be corrected and a similar situation can be avoided.
  • We all have a responsibility to act in a way that promotes safety, to report hazards, threats and accidents and to take preventive and rescue action where necessary. Everyone in the UAS community should know what their immediate responsibilities are in the event of a safety incident. In addition, each SAMK campus follows its own security guidelines.

General guideline

General order issues are common to all (described in more detail in Oiva):

  • Alarm system
  • Code of conduct
  • Substance abuse programme
  • In case of danger to life, health, property or the environment, call 112.
  • For property crime, report the crime to the police and contact your insurance company about it. Also report the incident immediately to the campus security guards, to prevent any further damage.

Internal safety plans and policies

For more information on SAMK’s contingency plans, emergency and crisis response guidelines. Campus-specific emergency plans can be found here.

SAMK participates in the Discrimination Free Zone campaign

SAMK is part of the campaign for a discrimination-free area. The campaign is an information campaign against all forms of discrimination, bullying and harassment, through which organisations and work communities express their commitment to the principle of non-discrimination. Declaring oneself a non-discrimination zone means opposing and tackling discrimination and recognising the equality of people.

It is also a signal to students, employees, job seekers and other stakeholders that the organisation welcomes all people regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion or belief, opinion, health, disability or sexual orientation.

Security risk reporting

If you notice a security risk or other security observation on campus, we ask you to report it immediately using the Security Observation Form. When reporting a sighting, please ensure that you give as much detail as possible about the situation you have observed. This will help us to assess the seriousness of the situation and take the necessary action. In urgent situations where a security risk requires a rapid response, we recommend that you contact campus caretakers directly, or the emergency number if the situation warrants it.

Whistlebolowing channel

The whistleblowing channel will allow current or former SAMK employees, job applicants, board members, trainees or professionals to report any wrongdoing they have observed in the course of their work. You can report if you suspect that a crime or misconduct has taken place in our company or any other activity that violates our company values.

Data security and protection

Data security and data protection are an important part of the security of SAMK’s staff, students and other customers. Privacy policies are described on the information security page.

Emergency notification policy

If you observe an emergency situation that threatens life, health, property or the environment, call the public emergency number 112 and report it immediately to the campus janitor or other staff member.

Address to give to 112

Pori: Satakunnankatu 23
Rauma: Satamakatu 26 (Kanali) or Suojantie 2 (Merimäki)
Kankaanpää: Paasikivenkatu 25
Kuninkainen: Risto Rytin katu 70

Contact details of the caretakers

Pori +358 2 479 2200
Rauma +358 2 479 2300
Kankaanpää +358 2 479 2400

More infromation

Tero Hämäläinen

Head of Facility and Security Services
+358 44 710 3210
Finance and Administration Services
Operating unit
Facilities and Security
SAMK Campus Pori

Information Security

SAMK has a named person in charge of data protection. You can contact them regarding all issues with your personal data.