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For alumni

Alumni activities are a connection between SAMK and its graduates

A graduate from us is a SAMK alumni. Alumni activities are cooperation and communication between SAMK and its graduates. Alumni are a vital link to SAMK and to the world of work for current students.

What is our alumni activity?

Open studies for new alumni

There are free open studies for new alumni.
Open UAS students
Students stand next to the wall.

Alumni Blog

We hope our alumni to be proud of their alma mater and to be willing to develop SAMK further. We are happy to tell about our alumni’s lives and careers also through our communication channels.
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Make future as our partner

As your partner, we work with you to take forward projects and issues that are important to you.
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We've got the people you need for your projects!

SAMK’s campuses are hubs of broad competence, where we can find the talent and people you need.
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