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Research on human functioning

We focus on improving the well-being and functioning of working-age people. Our research on human functioning has three main focuses: nutrition of the working-age, mental health of the working-age and work and education-based immigration. Our mission is to study the functional capacity of working-age people and provide policy recommendations based on the findings.

At SAMK, we have gathered our research, development, and innovation activities into research centers. Human Functioning forms one of these research entities. Research on human functioning is concentrated at SAMK’s Research Center for Human Functioning.

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The themes we are working on:

  • Nutrition for working age: we carry out nutrition projects to study the impact of nutrition and propose measures to improve the working capacity and well-being of working-age people.
  • Mental health of working age: we study the factors that can affect the mental health of working-age people and develop effective interventions to improve well-being and prevent mental health problems, particularly among working-age people.
  • Work and education-based immigration: we work on the availability of a skilled international workforce and the appeal of international education in Satakunta. We aim to make working and studying in Satakunta convenient for skilled international workers.
  • Inclusion, well-being, and accessibility are cross-cutting themes in our research.
Tietokone pöydällä ja etualalla sumeana ihminen ja taustalla kaksi ihmistä.


We raise awareness of the well-being of working-age people and support the functional capacity of the people of Satakunta, together with businesses, the public and third sectors and educational organizations. This work is done through provincial, national, international, and private research and development funding.

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