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Equality, inclusion, equity and accessibility

Diversity SAMK is an umbrella concept for issues related to equality, inclusion, equity and accessibility.

Promoting diversity

We actively promote and use diversity within the organisation. Diversity covers different dimensions such as gender, age, race, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation, disability, cultural background and other individual characteristics. We recognise and value people’s different experiences, perspectives and backgrounds.

At SAMK, we want to encourage curiosity and bring out and take into account different views and possible solutions. We see diversity as an asset and believe that a diverse and inclusive organisation has a positive impact on its reputation and attractiveness as a place to work.

We provide training and raise awareness of diversity and its importance. SAMK also aims to increase diversity in working life. Actively combating discrimination in the workplace is a human rights issue.  We will better identify the needs of different customer groups and take them into account in our services, products and communication. We want everyone to have the right to be themselves at work.

Discrimination and harassment situations

We have declared ourselves a non-discrimination-free area.

We provide clear mechanisms for dealing with discrimination and harassment situations), in addition to the guidelines on Staff Intranet Into (SAMK Guidelines on harassment and discrimination) and on the SAMMAKKO website.


We want to create an inclusive and equal working environment at SAMK, where everyone feels welcome and can express themselves freely.

The Diversity SAMK Development Team

The Diversity SAMK Development Team will reviews and develops SAMK’s activities from a diversity perspective. Our role is to promote and maintain measures and discussions that increase the diversity of the organisation and to provide support within the organisation to find solutions. The Development Group’s expertise is also available to those outside the organisation. 


Kati Karinharju

Senior Lecturer
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Operating unit
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Käsiä yhdessä / Hands together

SAMK campuses declared discrimination-free zones

SAMK campuses in Pori, Rauma, Huittinen and Kankaanpää were declared discrimination-free zones. The campuses stand against discrimination and recognise the equality of all people, from students to staff and partners.

Eveliina Salonen istuu pyörätuolissa Porin kampuksen aulassa.

Accessible campus and business studies led Eveliina to Pori

Eveliina Salonen is a second-year student in the Degree Programme in Business Administration, in the specialization option of creative marketing. The degree will give her good skills for working life and she can start developing her career in many different directions.

Adam Galle Photography

Comprehensive work on accessibility at SAMK

SAMK has been engaged in accessibility work for many years. The first projects on this topic were launched already in 2008.