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Open UAS studies

Upgrade your skills!

Open University of Applied Sciences is your option if you are looking for a new career, to upgrade your skills, to broaden your expertise or to pursue a UAS degree. You can study at an Open UAS regardless of your age and educational background. You can study either individual courses or broader modules flexibly online or with groups of degree students on our campuses. In the Open UAS, studies do not lead to a degree, but they offer an alternative route to Bachelor’s or Master's degree studies. Open UAS is full of opportunities!

Individual courses

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Individual courses

Please enrol for the courses of Open UAS at the latest two weeks before the beginning. Students are accepted to the course in order of enrollment. You pay the tuition fee when you enrol for the course in Meerkado. NB! Degree students enrol the courses through Loki.
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Path studies aim at degree studies

The path studies are mainly first and second year UAS studies in accordance with the curricula of the degree group. After completing the path studies, you can apply for a degree student in a separate application system and continue your studies in a familiar study group.
Path Studies
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Nonstop studies require students to have strong self-direction and time management skills, as they do not involve face-to-face teaching or comparable meetings. You can manage your studies well by scheduling your studies. You find Nonstop courses on Meerkado.
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Please note these things before you register

Enrolling and studying in an Open UAS

Separate application based on previous studies

You can apply in this separate application if:

  1. You have completed 45 ECTS for bachelor’s degree at Open UAS (Open path studies), and you want to become a degree student.
  2. You have completed 30 ECTS for master’s degree at Open UAS, and you want to become a degree student.
  3. You have unfinished bachelor’s / master’s degree at Satakunta UAS. You have completed all the studies missing from the degree at Satakunta Open UAS. You can graduate immediately.
  4. You have completed 60 ECTS or more in a Finnish UAS for bachelor’s degree and are applying to become a degree student. Your completed studies are a part of an unfinished bachelor’s degree. Satakunta UAS offers studies in a similar or close field.
  5. You have completed 10 ECTS (60 credits degree) or 30 ECTS (90 credits degree) in a Finnish UAS for master’s degree and are applying to become a degree student. Completed studies are a part of an unfinished master’s degree. Satakunta UAS offers studies in a similar or close field.

If you do not fulfill any of these, you can apply to Satakunta UAS during the next Satakunta UAS application period.

If you have a valid degree study right at some Finnish UAS or University and want to transfer to Satakunta UAS, please see instructions on how and when to apply for transfer.

Contact information

Open UAS
Satakunnankatu 23, Pori
Postal address
P.O. Box 1001, FI-28101 Pori, Finland

General contacts in matters related to studying at the Open University of Applied Sciences. Questions relating to the course and its content are answered by the course teacher.

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Developing online nonstop courses: from impossible to possible

The mission of Digitaaliset kärkijoukot project organized by Continuing Education has been to jointly develop pedagogical capacities for online tutoring and teaching and to create new nonstop courses. The experience has been positive.

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Path studies offer a different route to a degree

Path studies are open UAS studies the idea of which is to offer a chance to become a degree student after completing a set entity of studies. For whom are they meant and how can one apply for them?