Substitution, transfer of credits and recognition of prior learning

If you have previously acquired skills, these can be compensated in your credits

Recognition of prior learning (RPL, in Finnish AHOT) is the recognition of the competence you have acquired before or during your current studies (at another higher education institution or elsewhere) as part of the degree you are studying.

Recognition of prior learning

As a student, you have the possibility to apply for the inclusion of competences acquired elsewhere in your studies or to use them as substitutes for specific parts of your degree.

Competence for which you do not have a certificate from a higher education institution, but which correspond to the content of the studies in your degree programme, can be recognised as part of your studies. You may have acquired such competence, for example, through work, leisure, or voluntary activities.

How to apply for RPL

As a student, you are responsible for preparing your RPL application and for demonstrating your competence. Before compiling an RPL application, you should carefully study the curriculum of your degree programme.

You can submit your RPL application online. You can apply for an RPL at any point in your studies.

Each degree programme has a designated RPL decision-maker who will receive and process your application. You will need the information about the decision-maker of your programme when you make your application. To find out who the correct decision-maker is, please contact your teacher tutor or the student counsellor.

Decision and possible further action

Once the person who handles your application has made a decision on your RPL application, you will receive a notification of the decision in your SAMK e-mail. In the decision, you will find the reasons for the decision and instructions on how to proceed if the decision requires action on your part.

In some cases, the approval of your application will require you to demonstrate your competence by means of separate evidence. These may include portfolios, presentations, examinations, etc. They are assessed by the teacher who teaches the course you are applying RPL for.

Things to note about RPL

All (the) competence acquired and demonstrated during your current studies will be recorded as credits for which you are entitled to financial aid for students.

All competence acquired before the start of your studies and certified by the higher education institution will be recorded as compensated or included credits. If you are a Finnish citizen, please note that credits recorded as compensated or included credits do not count as credits for the purposes of the financial aid for students.

For more information on credits, please contact your teacher tutor or student counsellor and the Student Intranet Oiva.