Ability to study

Ability to study means a student’s ability to work, and it’s a combination of several interconnected factors. Personal resources, study skills, teaching and counselling, and a supportive study environment all have significant impacts on how well a student performs. So, this is really important! Find out more about how you and we can work together to make a difference in different aspects of ability to study.

Mental well-being and coping

A healthy mind and body are the most important tools for every student. In these links you will find information and material on topics such as mental health, stress, exhaustion and strengthening your wellbeing and life skills.

  • The FSHS Mental Health website provides a wide range of information on the areas that affect mental health and what you can do to improve your own mental health.
  • MIELI (Mental Health Finland) website contains a variety of exercises and lots of information about strengthening mental well-being in everyday life.
  • Nyyti ry’s Learn Life Skills websites
  • Support for mental wellbeing from the Mielenterveystalo Self-help programs
  • Mielenterveystalo offer information, support and care for mental well-being – reliably, free of charge and without logging in.
  • Nyyti ry promotes the mental health and ability to study of students. Nyyti ry provide students and learning communities with information, support and activities for mental wellbeing and coping.

Physical well-being

Links and tips for a more active student life – for you.

  • The online app “Are you moving enough?” tells you if you are moving according to the recommendation and gives you feedback on any changes you need to make, as well as tips to help you make changes.
  • CampusMoWe University Sport & Wellbeing Services – For a low semester fee, you have access to a wide range of gym, group fitness and ball games services. SAMK supports your well-being by funding CampusMoWe. CampusMoWe services are low-threshold services that you can join at any time. The services are aimed at you if you are considering taking up physical activity, have just started or are already active in your daily life.
  • The website of the Finnish student sport federation provides tips for a more active student life.
  • Moving Adult offers everyday solutions and choices that make you feel good. Find, try and discover your own ways to be active.

Sleep and recovery

The most important means of recovery is quality sleep. During the night, the brain is cleansed, restored and energy stores are replenished. During sleep, learning and organisation of information takes place. With good sleep, you and your brain will be better.


A healthy diet and a regular meal pattern are key factors for wellbeing, coping, studying and working. Good nutrition also prevents and treats nutrition-related diseases. When you eat well – you can study well.

Finnish institute for health and welfare: Tips for good nutrition.

– The free FSHS Nutrition Service supports you in finding good eating habits, offers peer support and includes independent wellness coaching programmes.

Omaolo’s free Healthy Eating Coaching Program provides practical tools and tips for healthy and quality eating.

Finfood – Finnish food information offers information from food hygiene to food culture

Student brain health

Taking care of brain health is essential because the brain is the tool of the university student. The brain needs enough sleep and nutrition to function properly. Exercise can support brain health and promote learning. With digitalisation, more demands are being placed on the brain and there are more disturbances and interruptions.

Read more and grab tips on how you can take action to support brain function and boost learning. CampusMoWe – Student brain health. Available only in Finnish.

Podcasts to support student well-being

Listen to podcasts made by Soteekki students on current topics that support the wellbeing of students and staff in higher education. The podcasts are published in both Finnish and English. The latest podcasts can be found on Spotify Soteekki channel. The older postcast from 2021 and 2022 you cab listen from CampusMoWe website.

Groups and courses to support your well-being

As a student at SAMK, you can participate in courses and groups that support and promote student well-being at SAMK.

CampusMoWe courses

CampusMoWe organizes sport related courses (e.g. Gym start course) and sport trials in cooperation with local clubs and service providers. CampusMoWe courses are non-credit-bearing and can be attended in your free time. Check out the CampusMoWe course offer and register for courses.

Study courses

Courses accumulate credits and are enrolled for via Loki. After completing a course, you will receive credits on your transcript and can use them in elective studies.

On CampusOnline you can search for a wide range of well-being courses offered by different higher education institutions.

SomeBody body awareness as an asset

SomeBody* group activities are functional exercises that explore the relationship with the body and different emotional states through movement. Group sessions cover topics such as encounter and territory, thoughts, feelings and body sensations, embodiment, breathing, relaxation, touch and self-concept. Small group activities are designed to develop participants’ body awareness and skills in different social situations. This also strengthens their own learning and functional abilities.

Mindfulness in working life, 2 cr

This course is delivered online non-stop throughout the year. The focus of the course is on meditation training. Students will have an understanding of mindfulness skills and the ability to use them in their lives. This is a 100 % self-study course. You will learn mindfulness meditation techniques through exercises and get background information on the subject. Find out more about the Mindfulness in working life course on CampusOnline. Contact: Marko Mikkola, marko.mikkola@samk.fi

Other groups that support and promote your wellbeing

Onni offers support to 18 – 29 year olds throughout Finland in group and individual formats. The free-of-charge activities aim to increase the psychological and social well-being and inclusion of young adults. Onni’s clients receive support in areas such as mental well-being, social relationships, independence and everyday life management. The work focuses on strengths and resources, and supports young people towards their own goals and dreams for the future. Onni offers online services such as anxiety groups, ADHD groups and well-being groups. Find out and ask more about Onni services.

FSHS organises a wide range of preventive and therapeutic group activities throughout the year, through distance and face-to-face courses in physiotherapy, nutrition and mental well-being. The range of services includes nationwide mental health groups in English. In addition to these, service points can also organise other groups.