Path studies offer a different route to a degree

Path studies are open UAS studies the idea of which is to offer a chance to become a degree student after completing a set entity of studies. For whom are they meant and how can one apply for them?

Piia Lamminen and Anu-Mari Elohaka standing at Pori campus hallway.
Pia Lamminen (left) and Anu-Mari Elohaka consider path studies a good channel to become a degree student.

Pia Lamminen (left) and Anu-Mari Elohaka consider path studies a good channel to become a degree student.

– Path studies offer a different route to becoming a degree student than applying through the joint application, says Pia Lamminen, Head of Continuing Education.

When you have completed a set number of studies, you can apply to become a degree student and have the studies you have completed included in your degree.

– Usually, persons taking path studies are integrated into the same groups as degree students, says Anu-Mari Elohaka, Continuing Education Planner.

The integrated path studies normally consist of a minimum of 45 credits, i.e., take approximately a year to complete. Some path studies are shorter, e.g. 30 credits. The studies are arranged as daytime, multiform and online studies, and they can include contact teaching, distant learning tasks, and online teaching.

The selection process follows the spirit of open UAS

For most of the path studies, the students are selected purely in the order of enrollment, in the spirit of open UAS. For some path studies, there are application requirements, such as the basic educational requirement for the master’s degree programmes. For some degree programmes, the entry requirement for path studies is a completed selection course.

After completing the path studies, the students can apply through the separate application system to become degree students in the degree programme they have studied.

– We think that when you complete the path studies, you have a place as a degree student. We don’t want to introduce any unnecessary disqualifying factors here, but consider that after completing the path studies, the students have earned their places as degree students, says Lamminen.

The number of path study places varies. The decisions on the places offered are done on an annual basis, but usually, there are places for path studies available for almost all degree programmes every year.

– If it is not possible to apply for a certain degree programme this year, there may be places available next year. The aim has been to open more places for some of the most popular degree programmes, such as online studies in business administration or multiform studies on social services. It is still possible, however, that the places fill up very quickly, says Lamminen.

With path studies, it is possible to lighten your future study load as a degree student in advance and speed up your studies. You can also apply for path studies if the joint application period has passed, or you didn’t get the place as a degree student through the joint application system. It is also a good option for unemployed jobseekers, for example.

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Path studies

The open UAS path studies aim at degree studies. Studying path studies mainly involves completing the first- and second-year UAS studies in line with the curricula of the degree programme together with the degree student group.

The next application period for path studies is 28.11.-2.12.2022.

Open Path studies are not regarded as studies leading to a degree, so residence permit for studies in Finland is not granted based on an Open Path student place.

If you are required to pay tuition fees (as a degree student), you can not be selected for Path Studies of Open UAS.

Read more about tuition fees: Exception: SAMK is providing its Open University of Applied Sciences courses and path studies taught in English free of charge to Ukrainians who have fled the war in their home country. Applicants must have sufficient English skills.

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