Six million euros in research funding for SAMK

At the end of last year, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences was very successful in acquiring research funding. SAMK will be receiving a total of six million euros in national and international research funding. The funding will be channeled into 20 research projects serving Satakunta.

Sinisävytteinen abstrakti kuva

SAMK invests in practical research activities that support the technology industry and business through its research centers.

In the RoboAI research center, technology companies are modernized with the help of robotics and artificial intelligence together with the University of Tampere. Funding has also been obtained for current research into the recycling of battery materials. The topic is related to the cooperation between SAMK and the University of Vaasa within the framework of the professorship and master’s program. The research area of ​​the professorship and the content of the master’s program are being planned.

As part of the activities of the center for managing with information, companies are trained to understand data and refine it into business. The Center for Tourism Business Development, on its part, supports small tourism companies in digital development and sustainable and responsible tourism. In the laboratory of the Maritime Logistics Research Center, the management of material, information and cash flow of supply chains is studied at sea, in ports and on land.

SAMK also studies the effect of nutrition during work on employees’ ability to cope. The goal is to get a nutrition research unit in Satakunta.

In international research projects the goals are, for example, building an export network to Azerbaijan, circular economy in restaurant industry, rainwater treatment in cities and many other entities especially related to sustainable development.

In the last three years, SAMK has received a total of 20 million euros in research funding and has cooperated with more than 500 companies located in Satakunta area.

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