Research and Cooperation

SAMK provides experts and developers for the area and promotes internationality and entrepreneurship.

Focus areas

  • Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Maritime Management
  • Services for the Ageing

Emerging areas

  • Intelligent Water and Energy Technology
  • Logistics
  • Tourism

Industrial institution of higher education

  • Renewal
  • Export competence
  • The functional capacity of employees


Satakunta University of Applied Sciences has participated in several international projects during the life span of the current European Framework Program, Horizon2020. Projects funded directly from European Commission, as well as those under European Regional Development Funding and European Social Funding programs, have built a significant part of the research and development activities in the university.

The SAMK research groups, as building the cornerstones of the research in our university, are dedicated to extend the international approach on thematic level. Focusing on the main interest of the cooperation companies, as well as research team members and the mutually agreed priorities, this research is considered having effect not only on the local or regional economic area, but also on transnational economy thus bringing extra value to any international cooperation.

Integrated into the operation of educational processes and mobility programs, international approach has a fundamental role in all of our RDI. Our administrational RDI team is supporting the experts and professionals of various subjects with required efforts, assisting as well with ECAS management and prerequisite Participant Portal / Funding & tenders portal (SEDIA) updates.

Trust in organisatorial and personal relations and recognised competence on management have given SAMK a grateful opportunity to build and join different consortia as an appreciated leader or an effective partner. SAMK has led or participated in projects with funding from e.g. ERASMUS+, Interreg, COST, LIFE-IP and Directorates-General of the European Commission.