Topias aims at a career in event management

Responsible tourism courses belong to Topias Myllynen´s favourite themes in the International Tourism Management education. These courses deal with megatrends and how tourism is able to adapt to the world around it and what kind of solutions can be found to problems.

30.3.2020 | By: Elina Valkama | Photo: Elina Valkama

Tourism student Topias Myllynen at SAMK campus Pori library.

Topias Myllynen studies in International Tourism Management education. He is happy with the study environment of SAMK and the location of the campus at the centre of Pori.

After having finished his military service, Topias Myllynen started his studies at SAMK in the degree programme in International Tourism Management in autumn 2018. Myllynen, who has a baker-confectioner´s qualification, first considered the study opportunities available in tourism at universities in Singapore and the Netherlands, and also London attracted him. The contents of the tourism education at SAMK, especially maritime and coastal tourism, convinced the young man from Lappeenranta, Eastern Finland.

The studies include a wide selection of subjects connected to tourism, such as marketing, human resources management, sustainability, event services, destination management, security issues, legislation and well-being.

 I have enjoyed more than I expected.

– You can plan your studies flexibly. Besides compulsory studies, the students can choose courses based on their own interests. I have chosen especially modules in marketing and event management. I have really liked my studies – I have enjoyed them more than I expected.

Students of tourism have many different projects, which are done in groups. In addition, the studies include essays and reports, contact lessons, participation in events, lectures given by visiting lecturers, company excursions, online learning and independent studies.

In Topias´s group, there are students from the Philippines, Malaysia, China, Austria, the Czech Republic, Northern Ireland, the USA and Finland. The team spirit is great and group work with people from different cultures goes fine.

– In group work the Finns take care that the schedules are kept. The Czechs bring a relaxed approach, the Filipinos laughter and the Americans conscientiousness. We have a culture of our own and we are all good friends with each other.

Environmental-friendliness is not anymore a trend in tourism

The future of tourism is interesting, to say the least. Sustainable development and environmental-friendliness are no more trends but preconditions for all activities. These matters do not work in marketing anymore, because almost all companies take environmental matters into account. Now and in future you need to stand out from the crowd by other means.

– I believe that in future plastic waste will be a major issue also in tourism. Enterprises in the field will take a stand on the issue and work to minimize plastic waste.

Topias is also enthusiastic about virtual travelling, the popularity of which is on the increase. People can travel virtually to the other side of the globe on their own sofas with a VR headset on. We already have competence in this in Finland.

– I don´t think that travelling will stop altogether with this invention. Virtual reality gives a possibility to get to know the destination before the actual travel. VR technology can be used to relaxation in the middle of the busy everyday life, as you can lie on the sofa in the Caribbean sun at the end of the day.

Teachers encourage students to search for more information

According to Topias, teachers at SAMK are professionals. The teachers have a solid professional view on matters. When discussing with teachers, you notice that they have worked in the field in diverse tasks. The teachers also encourage students to find more information on the topic at hand. Tourism students need to know e.g. of politics, currency exchange rates, Brexit and the presidential election in the USA because they all affect the business cycle of tourism.

Topias describes Pori as a city, which is exactly the right size. You can see students in the street scene, there are weekly student events, and Slice service will give you discount in many companies.

At the moment Topias is mostly interested in event management and he has been planning a practical training period at one of the biggest European exhibition centres in Barcelona, Spain. Moreover, student exchange in Spain at a university which specializes in tourism interests him and the comprehensive international network of SAMK gets praise from Topias. After graduation he would like to continue with event management.

– Studies in tourism open doors to many directions. For example marketing, customer service and design and development tasks as well as hotel and tour operator business are possible for those with a Bachelor´s degree in Hospitality Management.

Tourism student Topias Myllynen at SAMK campus Pori library.

Who? Topias Myllynen

Degree Programme: Bachelor's Degree Programme in International Tourism Management

30.3.2020 | By: Elina Valkama | Photo: Elina Valkama

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