SAMK organises an European Parliament event Science meets Regions

SAMK organises an event in the framework of the European Parliament ‘Science meets Regions’ on 26 September 2019 in Pori, Finland. The event is one of 26 selected events reaching out to EU member states, regions and cities across Europe.

5.3.2019 | By: Sanna-Mari Renfors


The event will focus on sustainable growth in coastal and maritime tourism - a topic relevant to the regional, national and European level. The objective of the event is to build closer links between various stakeholders, especially researchers and policy-makers, in order to promote a culture of evidence-informed policy-making in tourism.

–  The event will present sustainable tourism management models, best practices and relevant scientific research. The panelists will create an interesting discussion for the audience, and the audience can also participate in formulating the future steps and actions in sustainable coastal and maritime tourism development, event coordinator Sanna-Mari Renfors tells.

The event welcomes local, national and international stakeholders representing planning and management, research, education and policy-making in tourism, environmental protection and natural and cultural heritage.

The event is organised in close cooperation with The Regional Council of Satakunta, The European Commission (JRC) and The Foundation for European Sustainable Tourism.

Please see the programme on our website.

Exhibition: What role for science in 21st century policy-making?

The audience is also welcome to visit an exhibition of the European Commission, Joint Research Centre. The Science meets Parliament exhibition "What role for science in 21st century policy-making?" promotes the scientific work of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the European Commission's in-house scientific service, to the outside world. It showcases concrete issues as well as the bigger challenges ahead for our society.

See more information on EU website

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