SAMK is committed to student well-being

The past year has created challenges to the daily lives of our students. CampusMoWe has been there to support the students, and it has developed various well-being services for students.

14.6.2021 | By: Inna Saarinen | Photo: Soteekki

Opiskelijoita maskeissa./ Students in masks.

In the spring, students Saku Ojanperä and Lemar Khan instructed some of the breaks organised by Soteekki welfare services. 

– This exceptional year has created major challenges to students. All student gatherings and major part of physical exercises have been cancelled or postponed. First-year students in particular have been left alone because their studies have begun during the exceptional period. They have been coping with their studies, and with their well-being, CampusMoWe wellbeing coordinator Erika Santala says. 

CampusMoWe is focused on the physical exercises and wellbeing services for all university students and staff in the Satakunta region. Originally, the activity was started within a project, but since then the welfare services have been transferred to SAMK's permanent activities. 

When the pandemic began, all CampusMoWe activities were made distance services. In addition to the physical exercises, CampusMoWe has been providing ergonomic counselling. 

– Fortunately, last autumn we were able to continue group exercise classes where there are no close contacts. The gym was able to be kept open with special arrangements for nearly two months, Santala says. 

During the spring, when the COVID-19 situation was more difficult, group exercise classes were offered free of charge for students and staff via Facebook live. The objective was to make it as easy as possible to take part in the classes. 

Movement and recovery breaks on offer

Throughout the spring, remote breaks have been organized every weekday in cooperation with Soteekki welfare services. For some months, it has also been possible to participate in a recovery break three times a week. 

– We have received positive feedback on the breaks. For some people, the break has been important parf of the work day. To have at least some contact and activity with other people has been considered important. A live break is totally different than watching a video, Santala says. 

SAMK has also organized various study courses and peer support groups related to well-being. Their themes have included mental well-being, nutrition, exercise and coping in everyday life. 

Since 1 May, outdoor workout groups have started step by step. 

– We have been able to start stair workout, Finnish baseball and various group exercise classes outdoors. The gym is also open with special arrangements. Currently, I am planning the fall so that we can start group exercise classes as well as ball games at campuses and keep the gym open, Santala says. 

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