SAMK internal instructions on preparedness for coronavirus

This is the internal bulletin SAMK has published for its students and employees considering the new coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

6.5.2020 | By: Jani Wahlman | Photo: Veera Korhonen

Kuva: Veera Korhonen

SAMK campuses will be opened in a controlled and gradual manner starting on 14 May – Working and studying from home still primarily to be continued

On 4 May 2020, the Finnish Government informed about new solutions to solve the pandemic situation. Due to these measures, SAMK has decided on the following policy. The situation and the policy will be reconsidered latest at the end of July.

Key dates

  • 14 May SAMK campuses to be gradually opened. Book lending begins at libraries. Student services open with reduced opening hours. Pori and Rauma campuses are closed from 27 June to 2 August.
  • 31 July Working from home recommended until this date.
  • 10 August Autumn term tuition starts at SAMK.

Functioning of campuses

  1. SAMK campuses will be opened in a controlled and gradual manner starting on 14 May– Working and studying from home are still primarily continued. Visiting a campus is possible without a special permit.
  2. Arrangements will be made on campuses to be able to take care of safe distances and hygiene.
  3. You only enter campuses when in good health.
  4. The most important methods of preventing the spreading of the disease are to wash your hands, to keep a safe distance and to sneeze and cough on your sleeve or a tissue.
  5. Entrance to Pori Campus takes place only by Karjalankatu arched doors and Satakunnankatu doors. The doors to the Travel Centre are closed until further notice.
  6. Pori and Rauma campus libraries will be opened on 1 June. However, lending activities begin on 14 May (see instructions).
  7. EXAM examination rooms will be opened in a restricted manner on 14 May on Pori and Rauma campuses.
  8. Student services will open on 14 May with reduced opening hours.
  9. The gym on Pori campus will stay closed until the end of July.
  10. Soteekki will open on 10 August.
  11. Event services will obey the maximum of 50-person limit from 1 June onwards. Until then, the restriction of maximum10 persons is valid.

For students

  1. Tuition is given according to the timetable.
  2. Teachers contact the students if teaching or guidance arrangements possibly change.
  3. Campus restaurants in Rauma and Kankaanpää stay closed. The possible activities of Pori restaurant will be informed later.
  4. If necessary, a student belonging to a risk group must contact the teacher of the course to agree on the progress of the studies and taking the exam.
  5. Separate instructions on study practices and services can be found here:

For the employees

  1. Working from home is still possible and recommended to be continued until 31 July.
  2. Timetable and ways of implementation agreed on will be followed in the implementation of tuition. Tuition is given primarily online until 31 July.
  3. Teachers will contact the students on the possible changes in teaching and counselling arrangements.
  4. If possible, it is recommended that as many customer contacts as possible would still be transferred to electronic services/contacts. In possible service situations, the service distance must be about two metres.
  5. Contact meetings can be held only if there is a compelling reason, and according to the regulation of Regional Sate Administrative Agencies a maximum of 10 people can participate in them, and after 1 June a maximum of 50 participants.
  6. If you belong to a risk group and have to work on the campus, please contact your superior. Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare guidelines on coronavirus risk groups:

  1. The superior´s right to accept absence due to illness has been extended to seven days. Otherwise, instructions for working will be obeyed as in the original instructions. You only enter the campus when in good health.
  2. Let´s still keep SAMK spirit alive. We will keep on having our regular meetings (unit, team, management team, faculty, group etc.) utilizing the distance working practices.


  1. There will be no foreign business travel until further notice.
  2. After a possible spare time travel abroad, the personnel and the students will face circumstances corresponding to a quarantine of 14 days. Employee: Remember to inform SAMK Human Resources also about all spare time travels abroad well before the travel.
  3. Domestic travelling in Finland is only allowed to absolutely necessary meetings. Only absolutely necessary travels are allowed after Jari Lahti, the Head of Human Resources has been contacted and a risk assessment has been made to obtain the permit. Travelling is not possible without this permit.
  4. SAMK does not receive any visitors from abroad until further notice
  5. All new student exchange and practical training periods abroad during the spring and summer have been cancelled until further notice. The situation will be reviewed as it proceeds.
  6. If an employee is put into quarantine during spare time travels, the employer is not responsible for this. If the employee cannot do distance work during the quarantine, the quarantine period must be taken as unpaid leave, or annual leave or flexi-leave can be used for the purpose.
  7. The employee must immediately inform the employer, if he/she is put into quarantine or self-isolation, and send a note of these to the superior and HR Services, primarily by scanning or taking a photo of the note, and by posting the official paper document to HR Services. Notes of all other evidencial sick leaves must also be sent to the superior and HR Services, primarily by scanning or taking a photo of the note, and by posting the official paper document to HR Services.
  8. Kela can pay a sickness allowance on account of an infectious diseases to employees who have been ordered to stay away from work in order to prevent the spread of a communicable disease such as the coronavirus. The sickness allowance is also available to the provider of a child under the age of 16 who is placed in quarantine, making it impossible for the provider to continue working while the quarantine is in effect. Sickness allowance can also be paid to a person who is isolated or quarantined in the EU area.
  9. If an employee has returned from abroad, and a possible infection can be suspected and the person has symptoms of respiratory infection, it is important to contact occupational health care by remote connection (phone, doctor chat). Terveystalo´s Oma Terveys (My Health) service can be used online around the clock and by downloading the mobile app. Terveystalo´s coronavirus advisory number 030 633 9669 is available Mon – Sun at 8 am – 8 pm.

Other matters to pay attention to

  1. Shaking hands or other physical contact when greeting one another will be avoided.
  2. If there is a serious suspicion of a coronavirus infection among the personnel, immediately contact Jari Lahti, Head of Human Resources.
  3. The above-mentioned instructions apply to the personnel and students alike, unless there is a reference in the instruction to a certain target group.

In a situation, which is ambiguous or open to interpretation, contact Jari Lahti or Jari Multisilta.

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) monitors and assesses the situation together with the European Centre for Disease Prevention (ECDC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). Latest updates on the situation:

Information can be found also on the websites of the World Health Organization WHO:

The instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland can be found here:

6.5.2020 | By: Jani Wahlman | Photo: Veera Korhonen

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