SAMK’s internal instructions on coronavirus situation updated

SAMK has updated for its students and employees the following instructions on the new coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

9.10.2020 | By: Jani Wahlman | Photo: Veera Korhonen

Kuva: Veera Korhonen

Up-to-date information on SAMK’s preparedness for coronavirus 

SAMK keeps a close eye on the development of the coronavirus situation and the instructions by the authorities. Please, read the entire updated bulletin. It might include new instructions. This Intranet bulletin related to the coronavirus is updated on a regular basis.

Updated on October 9. The instructions have been edited and made easier to read. The latest updates in bold.

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Remember safe distances, hand hygiene and use of face mask

  1. Maintain a safe distance of two (2) metres.
  2. Remember to wash/disinfect your hands.
  3. Sneeze and cough in your sleeve or a handkerchief.
  4. Avoid shaking hands and other contacts when greeting.
  5. Use a face mask or visor on the campuses, if maintaining a safe distance is not possible (especially while waiting for the classroom door to be opened or queueing to the canteen). Instructions on use of face masks and other instructions on the THL (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) pages >> (at
  6. SAMK recommends that the personnel and students install the corona application. You can download the Koronavilkku application here (at
  7. What do I do if the Koronavilkku app reports exposure? Follow the instructions in the application. If you have symptoms, make an assessment in the service and follow the instructions given by the service.
  8. If a member of the personnel has a serious suspicion of corona, such as a report of exposure to Koronavilkku and symptoms of corona, inform Jari Lahti.
  9. If a student feels ill, he/she must stay home and contact the student health care.

Campus operations, visits, moving around, running errands

  1. Please, come to the campus only when you are healthy. Do not take the slightest risk of infecting others in our study and work environment.
  2. The use of electronic services is recommended in customer situations. In necessary encounters, such as at the info desk, in the library, at student services and e.g. at the BYOD-clinic, encounters take place behind a protective glass. Queuing must be avoided. When queuing for services, a maximum of three people is allowed in the queue with safe distances.
  3. Visitor groups will not be received on the campuses as a rule. Such project visits which are vital for the project to proceed can be arranged, as well as visits relating to teaching if they can be arranged safely. Use of face masks and visors must be paid attention to.
  4. On the Pori campus, directions of motions and other safety features are marked on the floor and other signs. This reduces face-to-face encounters. Please, pay special attention to movement on the staircases of part A (one for going down, the other for going up).
  5. The lunchtime sectioning marked on the timetables must absolutely be obeyed.
  6. Events can be carried out if they can be organized safely and in accordance with the instructions. The number of participants should be limited so that safe distances can be achieved in the available facilities. It is recommended to allow interested parties to participate also remotely. An event here means an event related to SAMK's paid service activities or activities concerning projects with external financing.
  7. On the Pori Campus, the doors to the Travel Centre are closed until further notice. Instructions are placed on the door between the store and SAMK that there is no passage through it.
  8. The restaurant service providers instruct the students and personnel on food safety issues.
  9. The gym on the Pori campus will stay closed for public events until further notice. The gym can only be used in limited groups during guided sessions, in which case all users must pay special attention to the cleaning of the equipment before and after the sessions.

Studying and distance work

  1. New students have begun their studies on the campuses as planned this autumn.
  2. Continuing students will continue their studies mainly remotely, in contact instruction sessions, or in another way specified by the teacher. The teachers instruct the students on the practices concerning the implementation of their courses. Due to the severity of the covid-19 epidemic and in order to prevent the spread of the disease, the teacher and the head of the department specify the situations where the learning arrangements require presence on the campus.
  3. For the beginning of the semester, all degree and exchange students and personnel arriving from abroad (excluding countries to which it is allowed to travel from Finland according to the government’s instructions) will be directed to a quarantine in accordance with THL instructions. During this time they will not be able to enter the campus and all communication must be handled electronically.
  4. The personnel can continue working remotely by the decision of the head of department.

Detailed instructions for students

  1. It is essential to follow the scheduled lunch times and class timetables, or any other staggered schedules. The aim is to reduce the number of personal contacts during the day.
  2. Continuing students will mainly start their studies remotely and only the most necessary studies will be carried out on the campus. Decisions about studies on the campus will be made by the department heads and the teachers in charge.
  3. Teaching is conducted according to the timetable.
  4. The students must install the Tuudo application so that they can receive critical information on the situation. You can download the Tuudo application for free from the App Store or Google Play. Use your student ID (student number) when you log in to the application for the first time. No further log-ins are required.
  5. If necessary, students belonging to a risk group must contact the teacher of the course to agree on the progress of the studies and the completion of the exams.
  6. Separate information on study practices and services can be found at:

Detailed instructions for employees

  1. Into has collected questions and answers about corona (at
  2. If a person living in the same household has been suspected to have corona infection, you should work remotely.
  3. It is essential to follow the scheduled lunch times and class timetables, or any other staggered schedules. The aim is to reduce the number of personal contacts during the day.
  4. The personnel is recommended to use a face mask or visor when in close contact with the students at the campuses.
  5. The use of a face mask or visor is necessary if safe distances cannot be maintained. The personnel will be provided with reusable face masks. They can be fetched from the campus janitors against signing. More information on the mask and visor issue at Into (at
  6. The recommendation for distance work ended at SAMK on July 31. However, distance work may be continued by the decision of the head of the department (e.g. in the case of at-risk groups). The RDI personnel and personnel involved in RDI activities will continue working on the campuses after July 31.
  7. In the autumn, teaching is carried out in the manner agreed with the head of the department.
  8. If possible, it is recommended that as many customer contacts as possible would still be transferred to electronic services/contacts. In possible service situations, the service distance must be about two (2) metres.
  9. The personnel must pay attention to safe distances in the coffee rooms. Only two people are allowed in the kitchen at the same time. A maximum of three people should sit at a dining table at the same time.
  10. If you belong to a risk group and need to work on the campus, contact your superior. Instructions by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) for the risk groups of a severe coronavirus disease:
  11. The superior´s right to accept absence due to illness has been extended to seven days. The original work instructions will otherwise apply. Please, come to the campus only when you are healthy.
  12. Let´s still keep the SAMK spirit alive. Regular meetings (unit, team, management team, faculty, group etc.) will still mainly be held with remote tools.

Travelling instructions for students and personnel

  1. The students and personnel are asked to continue to consider the risks associated with travelling abroad.
  2. Quarantines and other travel-related instructions follow THL's guidelines:
  3. Employee: If there is a special need to make a business trip abroad, contact Human Resources Manager Jari Lahti well in advance of booking the trip or leaving for the trip to obtain a risk assessment and obtain a permit. Traveling is not possible without this explanation.
  4. SAMK’s student and staff exchanges are interrupted and cancelled until further notice. The decision applies to exchanges both to and from SAMK. Training exchanges, work placements, to abroad are allowed in principle, taking into account the recommendations and decisions by the authorities of Finland and the country of destination.
  5. SAMK does not receive any visitors from abroad until further notice.
  6. For the time being, domestic tourism and participation in, for example, international meetings in Finland are not restricted. However, SAMK recommends avoiding participation in public events. Special discretion should be exercised during domestic business trips and the decision to participate should be made based on coronavirus infectivity rates in different areas. You should always take advantage of the opportunity to participate remotely.
  7. Employee: Remember to inform SAMK also about all spare time travels well before the trip. When returning home, a distance work period with length in accordance of THL instructions follows whether returning from a business travel or a spare time travel (excluding countries to which it is allowed to travel from Finland according to the government’s instructions), and the employee is not allowed to enter the SAMK campuses. Distance work is not required if the person arrives from countries where the incidence of COVID-19 infections is at a sufficiently low level. Please, check the up-to-date information on travel recommendations on the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ website,
  8. Also note that if an employee is put in quarantine during spare time travels, the employer is not responsible for this. If the employee is unable to do distance work during the quarantine, the quarantine period must be taken as unpaid leave, or use the annual leave or flexi-leave for this purpose.
  9. The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) can pay a sickness allowance on account of an infectious disease to employees who have been ordered to stay away from work in order to prevent the spread of an infectious disease, such as the coronavirus. The sickness allowance is also available to the provider of a child under the age of 16 who is put in quarantine, making it impossible for the provider to continue working while the quarantine is in effect. The sickness allowance on account of an infectious disease can also be paid to a person who is isolated or quarantined in the EU area.
  10. If an employee has returned from abroad, and a possible infection can be suspected and the person has symptoms of a respiratory infection, it is important to contact occupational health care by remote connection (phone, doctor chat). Terveystalo´s Oma Terveys (My Health) service can be used online around the clock and by downloading the mobile app. Terveystalo’s coronavirus advisory service is available Mon–Sun from 8 am to 8 pm, tel. +358 30 633 9669.
  11. If a student has returned from a risk area abroad or a possible infection can be suspected and the person has symptoms of a respiratory infection, please contact the student health care during weekdays or the On-call duty telephone service from 3 pm to 8 am: +358 (0)116 117. We also recommend that those returning to Finland from abroad would avoid coming to the campuses and prefer studying online in accordance with THL's current quarantine guidelines. Contact your teacher to arrange this.

In cases open to interpretation, please contact Jari Lahti or Jari Multisilta.

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) follows and estimates the situation together with the European Centre for Disease Prevention (ECDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Daily updated review of the situation:

Information also on the pages of the WHO:

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has travel announcements here:

9.10.2020 | By: Jani Wahlman | Photo: Veera Korhonen

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