Nature-based entrepreneurs´ competence needs connected to product development and distribution

Organic wild collection, i.e. collecting wild produce for commercial purposes from areas registered as organic collection areas is a new opportunity for rural economy.

2.10.2019 | By: Sanna-Mari Renfors | Photo: Sanna-Mari Renfors

Puolukka Lingonberry

For example Kampars organic farm in Finland Proper is a 150 hectare organic collection area that mostly consists of spruce, pine and birch forest. Moreover, 98 hectares of land are farmed organically.

– Professional kitchens purchase collection produce straight from the farm, eco-florists are collected products from the forest and birch sap is produced for processors. The latest hit in natural cosmetics raw materials is pine bark, and pine ice-cream gets its flavour from the crop of young pine trees, describes entrepreneur Jaana Elo from Kampars organic farm at the beginning of October. Jaana Elo shared her thoughts at the seminar organized in cooperation with SAMK Interreg Central Baltic NatureBizz project and Livia College.

The latest hit in natural cosmetics raw materials is pine bark.

– There is plenty of business potential in high-quality natural raw materials and their production, emphasizes Piritta Fors, founder of Luonkos Finland Oy Ltd, an enterprise operating in the field of eco cosmetics.  For example the price of organic seed oil used as raw material in natural cosmetics is more than 10,000 euros per kilo, and the price of lingonberry increases 150-fold as a special product, i.e. as powder in a bag, Elo reminds us.

– There is still shortage of good raw materials. The raw material side must be assured, and the subcontracting chain must work properly if you consider starting business activities, remarks Saska Tuomasjukka, founder of Lapin Maria Oy.

– Moreover, Finland is such a small country that sales cannot be increased anymore, so products need to be customized to meet the preferences of foreign markets, Tuomasjukka continues.

Find out more about new education

Find out more about new education

Tyrni-maisema Hawthorn bush landscape

Come along to nature-based entrepreneurs´ continuing education

Nature-based entrepreneurs´ competence needs are especially connected to product development, the management of supply chain and brand, and export. In January 2020, SAMK will launch continuing education for nature-based entrepreneurs, where e.g. these themes are dealt with. Education with a practical approach  is aimed at nature-based entrepreneurs and those thinking of entrepreneurship.

The application period for the education is open, find out more about the education at NatureBizz website or contact


2.10.2019 | By: Sanna-Mari Renfors | Photo: Sanna-Mari Renfors

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