Knowledge gained in Rehabilitation studies to be adopted in physiotherapy business in Geneva

Sibyl Szedressy from Switzerland started her Rehabilitation education at SAMK in the autumn of 2018. Sibyl, who runs her own private physiotherapy company in Geneva, had been looking for a Master´s degree education for a long time. Finally, she found the education offered by SAMK on the internet and noticed that it met her requirements regarding the contents and the manner of implementation.

6.3.2020 | By: Elina Valkama | Photo: Sibyl Szedressy photo album

Rehabilitation student Sibyl Szedressy at her work.

Sibyl Szedressy, a Swiss mother-of-three conducts Rehabilitation education at SAMK.

Rehabilitation studies include e.g. the theory of rehabilitation, accessibility, rehabilitation services and welfare technology. In addition, the studies contain research and management studies.

– Management, quality and processes are new subjects for me. Regarding my work, it is very useful to deal with these new topics and discuss them with other students and lecturers.

In Sibyl´s opinion, the content of the degree programme is interesting and gives in-depth knowledge of the field of rehabilitation.

– The education has opened my eyes, as the content is much more than just physiotherapy, of which I already have previous experience.

The Rehabilation education at SAMK suits e.g. for physiotherapists, nurses, public health nurses, rehabilitation counsellors and bachelors of social services with at least two years of post-graduate working experience.

– Discussions with other health care professionals during the courses have given new perspectives for my own competence.

Distance studies made possible by good tools

The tuition of Master´s degree education is arranged in way that it enables combining working and studying. Studying is possible also from abroad. There are approximately two contact days in a month, and participation is possible either at Pori campus or by HILL, the online learning environment of SAMK.

In my opinion, the concept of distance studying is extremely good and functional.

– During the studies I have visited Pori campus four times. Otherwise, I have taken part in tuition by attending HILL lectures online. We also have group assignments. In my opinion, the concept of distance studying is extremely good and functional. It is easy to learn the tools, and the teachers help and support you.

Besides running her own business, Sibyl mentors physiotherapy students doing their traineeship and teaches physiotherapy at the University of Geneva. As her everyday life is busy, Sibyl concentrates on her studies in the evening when her three children are asleep.

– There is, of course, a lot of work but prioritizing and organizing help in conducting the studies. When your motivation is right, you will do well in your studies.

– Rehabilitation education has given me a chance to get to know a new country, Finland, and its health care and culture. It´s just great!

Rehabilitation student Sibyl Szedressy at her work.

Who? Sibyl Szedressy

Degree Programme: Master's Degree in Rehabilitation

6.3.2020 | By: Elina Valkama | Photo: Sibyl Szedressy photo album

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