Ikram moved to Finland to study Nursing

Ikram Darjaoui has studied her first academic year in the Degree Programme in Nursing at SAMK. In her free time, she plays floorball with other students.

22.6.2023 | By: Sara Yli-Kärkelä, SAMK student | Photo: Sara Yli-Kärkelä

Ikram Darjaoui SAMKin ala-aulassa.

According to Ikram, SAMK offers a comfortable and welcoming study environment.

Ikram chose Finland, and SAMK in particular, as a suitable place to study, because she says it offers good opportunities to study in English. It is also a safe and peaceful place to live.

– It's really safe here, I've never felt so safe. People are friendly and respectful, Ikram says happily.

Ikram says she was even surprised at how clean it is here in Finland and how good a place this country is to live and study.

What is it like to study nursing?

Like the Nursing degree programme conducted in Finnish, the Nursing degree programme in English includes several relatively short clinical placements, mandatory and elective studies and a thesis. In addition to these, the degree programme also includes Finnish language studies. Almost 50 students from the same degree programme attend the same lectures as Ikram.

Already during her first year of studies, Ikram has been able to start the clinical practice of the degree and has also learned the basics of Finnish, among other things.

In her free time, Ikram plays floorball at the campus, studies Finnish, bakes and watches movies.

– SAMK is a very nice university, it offers interesting services for students and the studying environment is nice, Ikram says.

Ikram Darjaoui SAMKin ala-aulassa.

Ikram Darjaoui

  • First-year Nursing student
  • Originally from Morocco

22.6.2023 | By: Sara Yli-Kärkelä, SAMK student | Photo: Sara Yli-Kärkelä

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