The Degree Programme in Nursing will prepare you for a valued profession, in which you will be working with clients of different age groups promoting their health and wellbeing and treating their diseases.

Bachelor of Health Care

Degree programme in Nursing
Extent (credits): 210 ECTS cr
Duration: 3.5 years
Study type: Full-time studies
Language of tuition: English. Finnish language studies are included in the curriculum and Finnish language is the work language during the practice periods.
Intake: 40
Campus: Satakunnankatu 23, Pori, Finland

Important Dates

Next application period: 3 – 17 January 2024

Studies begin: August 2024

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Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing, full-time studies, Pori

SAMKin hoitotyön opiskelijat simulaatioluokassa.

Promoting Clients Health and Wellbeing and Treating Their Diseases

The Degree Programme in Nursing will prepare you for a valued profession, in which you will be working with clients of different age groups promoting their health and wellbeing and treating their diseases. You will gain competences based on ethical principles, comprehensive and multidisciplinary knowledge, practical skills and interaction skills.


SAMK students will be employed

As a graduated nurse you can work in different care settings from clients´ homes and open counselling centres to intensive care units in hospitals as well as a private entrepreneur.

SAMK students studying in the Degree Programme in Nursing share their experiences.

Senior lecturer and student tell about the nursing studies at SAMK.

Nursing students practise a case simulation situation at Simulation Center.

You are warmly welcome to start your studies at SAMK Campus Pori.

Modern and Versatile Campus

SAMK campus is located in the city centre of Pori and it is future’s learning environment.

  • Over 4000 students
  • Diversified: business, health care and social services, technology, tourism
  • Around 600 degrees per year
  • Good traffic connections: located next to the Travel Centre of Pori. It is easy to arrive by a local or long-distance bus or train.

SAMK – The best quality of education!

SAMK – The highest employment rate outside the metropolitan area!

Survey of Ministry of Education and Culture for those graduated from university of applied sciences in 2009 – 2021.

Structure of Studies

  • Basic Studies
  • Professional Studies
    - Elective Studies
    - Clinical Practice in Nursing
    - Complementary Professional Studies
    - Research and Development Studies
    - Bachelor’s Thesis

Your studies consist of contact classes, projects, clinical simulations, independent work and online studies.

Go International

The studies take place in English in a multicultural group of students in close cooperation with nursing settings and health care agencies. Internationality is integrated as a natural part of the degree programme. Internationality competence manifests itself as language skills, interactive skills and cultural competence. The student also has the possibility of completing studies or practical training periods abroad.


Goals of the Studies

  • your professionalism in nursing is based on health promotion and ethical practice
  • you are able to work independently and in multidisciplinary teams
  • you are creative and innovative in developing client-oriented services in social and health care

Practical Training and Thesis

The practical training introduces the student to practical work tasks that are essential especially to the professional skills and to the application of knowledge and skills in professional work. The practical training can be completed in the private or public sector, as an entrepreneur or in another separately approved working environment, fulfilling the set criteria, either in Finland or abroad.

In thesis you demonstrate your ability to apply your knowledge and skills in practical expert duties related to the professional studies.


Yvonne Ewane on the Pori campus.
| Wellbeing and health

Yvonne from Cameroon studies to be nurse – with a job already waiting

Yvonne Ewane started her nursing studies in SAMK in August 2017. At the moment she is working as a nurse in the acute geriatric ward in Turku and meanwhile completes the advanced clinical practice included in her studies.
Nursing student Noora Lempinen inserting a cannula in the simulation class room
| Wellbeing and health

Noora is ready to pull out all the stops in the international Nursing education

A week-long personal experience from hospital gave Noora Lempinen a stepping stone for nursing studies. Noora also wanted to pull out all the stops and she applied for the English Nursing degree programme.

Further Information

Admissions office:

+358 2 623 4801

Further information about the degree program:

Mrs. Maarit Harjanne, Senior Lecturer
+358 44 710 3041

Further information about the entrance exam:

Mrs. Pauliina Kesonen, Senior Lecturer
+358 44 710 3393

Your Campus

SAMK-campus Pori
Satakunnankatu 23
28130 Pori

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