Do you know logistics? It´s all around us in our daily life

Logistics is everywhere and belongs to everyone´s daily life in one way or the other.  The field is not very well known, even though it deals with matters that affect for example how milk is delivered fresh to the consumer, the frozen products icy to the supermarket freezer and fresh fruit from the other side of the world edible to our dinner table. Logistics graduates find easily employment, and with various job titles.

Is there something that is good to know about logistics? This is one of the questions we asked Principal Lecturer Anne Pohjus.

29.1.2019 | By: Aino Pelto-Huikko | Photo: Anne Sankari

TkT Anne Pohjus SAMK
Anne Pohjus asettui kuvaa varten SAMKin Porin-kampuksen ruokalaan. Ruokala on esimerkki paikasta, jossa logistiikka on tärkeää: miten kaikki sujuu mahdollisimman jouhevasti, asiat ovat toimivassa järjestyksessä eivätkä reitit risteä hankalasti.

Anne Pohjus was photographed at the SAMK Pori Campus restaurant. A canteen is an example of a place where logistics matters: how everything goes as smoothly as possible and is in a functional order and routes do not cross awkwardly.

The paradox in the field of logistics is that it concerns everyone and is really necessary but it is not noticed – even some of the enterprises in the field of technology are of the opinion that engineering study places should be directed to fields with a crying need for professionals.

– Logistics is taken for granted especially when it´s working, and it´s not the core of the business but often a support process, describes Anne Pohjus, Doctor of Technology.

What is logistics?

Logistics is understanding and planning different material and information flows as efficiently and functionally as possible. Logistics affects the company´s viability: if we can save three percent in acquisitions, what does it mean for the results?

Where does the logistics graduate find employment?

In Finland there are over 80 job titles from a purchasing agent to a liaison officer, from a transport planner to a data analyst and a supply chain manager, i.e. several expert, developer and supervisor duties.

Logistics duties can be found in three directions: inbound, production, outbound. Logistics competence is needed in purchasing, company´s inhouse logistics  - production control and storage system – and distribution. They all involve both technology and economy. Logistics experts have been widely employed and mainly in permanent employment.

What is the work like?

For a graduate with a Bachelor´s degree most of the work is indoor work with a lot of planning, analysis and development included. Entrepreneurship is also gaining a foothold, as there´s a need for service-sector companies.

Give us a few examples – is there something that everyone should know about logistics?

At least you should understand that logistics is included in each and every field. For example you need to understand if some product is custom-made or off-the-shelf in order to take it into account – or how the size of the order affects the price.

Every engineer should understand at least the basics of logistics. In the field of construction the materials have to be at the right place at the right time, and when planning the floor area architecture of an engineering workshop or a precast concrete manufacturing plant logistics has to be considered. Moreover, logistical flows of patients as well as goods have to be understood at hospitals –  I have thought logistics also for nursing students.

In your opinion – what is essential in logistics?

Logistical solutions are a compromise of several matters: a chain of different operations and operators. If everyone only strives for maximizing the profits, there won´t be a logistically good solution.

What is the profile of SAMK as logistics educator?

Besides the typical contents, SAMK has sea, maritime education and marine transport. Logistics is a thread/ a common theme in all the education in Rauma and the teachers move fluently in the fields of business and engineering. It is possible to specialize in logistics even in the degree programmes of business, although logistics is not seen in the names of education. It is a specialization option worth considering for a student studying for Bachelor´s degree in Business Administration, who is not that interested in the traditional marketing or financial administration.

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