Brother´s tip led Sofia studying Tourism in English at SAMK

Sofia Hilli studies Tourism in English for the second year in the degree programme of International Tourism Management. One of her future dreams is entrepreneurship.

20.1.2020 | By: Markus Mailisto, student of SAMK | Photo: Sofia Hilli, student of SAMK

Sofia Hillin lähikuva.

Sofia´s route to studies in tourism started by a tip given by her brother. Sofia´s previous education includes  waitress´s vocational qualification, massage therapist´s vocational competence and personal trainer´s education. However, tourism became number one. Sofia has experience in the field all the way from South Africa, where she worked in a travel agency in Cape Town.

Applying for studies was easy as the entrance exam was online, after which she got an invitation to the interview. In April 2018 the student place was confirmed. Sofia feels that the studies have been challenging in a good way and she has especially liked the combination of concrete and written assignments. A good example of this is the experiment of St. Olav´s route (Pyhän Olavin reitti) carried out last autumn, with a report written on it later. The studies contain plenty of distance working and individual studying.

Interest in entrepreneurship

At SAMK students have a possibility to get help to establish their own enterprises  by support from Enterprise Accelerator.

– We already have three entrepreneurs in my family, so that may the reason for my positive attitude towards entrepreneurship, Sofia tells us when pondering her future plans.

Practical training is included in the field, and Sofia would like to do it either in South Africa or somewhere in Europe, with Italy and Spain as possible countries. Doing practical training makes sense because language skills are very important in tourism.

Sofia recommends the degree programme for all interested in tourism.

– Challenge yourself to study in English, Sofia encourages everyone.

Lähikuva Sofia Hillistä.

Who? Sofia Hilli

Degree programme: International Tourism Development (nowadays International Tourism Management)

Dream: Entrepreneurship

20.1.2020 | By: Markus Mailisto, student of SAMK | Photo: Sofia Hilli, student of SAMK

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