Jue Lu from Changzhou spent a year in researcher exchange at the Faculty of Welfare and Health

Nursing teacher Jue Lu from Changzhou University spent a year at SAMK getting acquainted with the tuition in the fields of Nursing and Wellbeing Enhancing Technology.

Jue Lu sitting.
Jue Lu

Jue Lu

At Changzhou University Jue Lu and her colleagues teach fundamental nursing, nutrition, medical statistics, and practical skills in nursing. At SAMK she followed several courses, the ways of implementing them and the pedagogy used.

– Here people discuss a lot, in China the teacher does the talking. I like this style but studying here is challenging for Chinese exchange students because they are not used to discussion in their studies. In my opinion this is a better way to learn, she says.

Jue Lu compliments the nursing teachers on their friendliness but also experience: they now how to act in hospital.

Teachers have clinical experience here

– In China the teacher may start teaching directly after studies, here the teachers have been working as a nurse at least for three years, Lu states. She does not have any clinical experience herself either.

She already knew many of the teachers at SAMK, as they had been cooperating with Jue Lu´s university, e.g. Senior Lecturer Anu Elo and Principal Lecturer Sari Merilampi were old acquaintances. Jue Lu is involved in the research project of Merilampi´s group where elderly Finns and Chinese are compared as users of technology.

Jue Lu had her 4-year-old daughter Eva with her in Finland. They enjoyed the Finnish summer together, for example the Pelle Hermanni Park in Pori. The darkness of the winter was not that enjoyable. The sun rises late and it is dark when you go to work and arrive from work, but during the winter they could go to the swimming hall and have a sauna bath.

– Oh, we like sauna, Jue tells laughing and gets even more excited: Pori library was on the way home and Eva liked looking at Finnish children´s books.

– We played guessing games – we looked at the pictures and together tried to guess what was happening in the story.

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