Cross-institutional studies

Take advantage of the wide range of opportunities offered by other higher education institutions!

Cross-institutional studying allows you to take courses offered by other higher education institutions, and it is possible for SAMK's degree students, open path students and arriving exchange students. On this page, we have gathered information on the different ways to include content to your degree from sources outside your own institution and the cooperation networks we have available to you.

What is cross-institutional studying?

Cross-institutional studying means that you can study at another higher education institution. You can expand your study opportunities enormously by choosing to study at another Finnish higher education institution and incorporating these studies into your degree. SAMK is involved in several cross-institutional study networks.

To be eligible for cross-institutional studies, you must have a valid study right from your home higher education institution and be enrolled as present there. Please contact your teacher tutor to discuss what cross-institutional studies are available to you. You will also need to have cross-institutional studies approved as part of your studies.

The study right is based on agreements between higher education institutions. The right to study is temporary and during the time it is valid you can only study the courses you have chosen for cross-institutional studying. The networks and agreements for cross-institutional studies vary and cover a wide range of studies. Many networks focus only on a specific field of study.

CampusOnline is a joint study portal of the Finnish universities of applied sciences. offers courses from all Finnish universities of applied sciences.

For more information:

Head of Training Pia Lamminen, or Training Designer

Our networks for cross-institutional studies


The cooperation between SAMK and Diak aims to increase the opportunities to implement university-of-applied-sciences education in social services and the networking of social services students in the Satakunta region. The cooperation will also strengthen research, development and innovation cooperation between the universities of applied sciences in Satakunta.

For more information:

Bachelor of Social Services, AMK: Senior Lecturer Hanna Hannukainen,

Master of Social Services, AMK: Senior Lecturer Satu Vaininen,


The Kivanet cooperation network offers online language courses. KiVANET is the result of the spearhead project KiVAKO, Strengthening the linguistic capital through higher education, funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. KiVANET allows you to choose from a wide range of languages: German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Estonian, sign language and Korean.

For more information:

Senior Lecturer Liisa Hannuksela,

KUPI – Education cooperation network for maintenance  

SAMK is part of the cross-institutional study network on maintenance, KUPI, which was developed by the degree programmes in mechanical engineering of four universities of applied sciences. Under the umbrella term of maintenance, students can participate in courses in maintenance (Lapin AMK), plastics technology (SAMK), engineering mechanics (LAB-AMK) and piping design (XAMK).

For more information:

Lecturer Iina Virtanen, or Daniela Tanhua, Head of Education,

OsKuRi – Cross-institutional study network for rehabilitation

The Oskuri network offers studies for you if you are studying rehabilitation. The OsKuRi network includes SAMK, JAMK, Karelia, Metropolia, OAMK, TAMK, Turku AMK and XAMK.

For more information, please contact: Senior Lecturer Marika Kiviluoma-Ylitalo,

SAMK – SeAMK – cooperation in education

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences and Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences have signed an educational cooperation agreement, which will enable students from the two universities of applied sciences to have even wider study opportunities. The target groups are degree students, exchange students and open path students of SAMK and SeAMK.

New studies will be included in the cooperation soon! SeAMK will offer 55 credits of food sciences to SAMK students. More information on this will be available in January 2024.

The contact details of the person providing further information will be published later.