Information security

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation protects natural people’s basic rights and freedom and especially the right to protect personal data.  It confirms the rules for handling personal data and the rules regarding free transfer of personal data.  The principle is legality, moderation and transparency.

To ensure transparency, the register holder must implement the adequate procedures to deliver the registered information on the principles of handling the registers, the contents, resources and sharing information.  The registered must also be told about his/her rights and how to use them.  On this site, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences carries out its duty to inform.

Register holder

The register holder is Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK)

Contact information

SAMK has a named person in charge of data protection.  You can contact him/her regarding all issues with your personal data.

Data protection documents

Rights by the registered

Principles of register protection

Manual material

The material is located in locked premises, which have access control and camera surveillance.

Electric material

Data systems including electric material are located in a network of their own, which is protected by data security device.

A physical access to these materials is limited only to the parties involved.  The information is transferred through hidden channels.  The information is handled with personal usernames and profiles.

Instructions and training

Extensive instructions have been given for the use of the register, and the personnel has been trained to follow the instructions.