Come and meet SAMK at EHEF Indonesia 8–12 Nov 2023

SAMK will participate to the EHEF Indonesia in Surabaya on 8 November and Jakarta on 11–12 November.

SAMK students smiling and working with laptops front of SAMK Campus Pori.
Satakunnan Ammattikorkeakoulu

You can find SAMK together with 7 Finnish higher education institutions in the Finland section.

EHEF 2023 is a perfect opportunity to learn about the endless possibilities of studying in Europe. With over 60 institutions from 12 countries participating, you’ll have the chance to meet representatives and attend informative presentations.

SAMK will be showcasing higher education study opportunities in Finland. We welcome all students and their parents in Indonesia who wish to learn more about Bachelor’s and Master’s study options at SAMK to come and meet us during the event.

EHEF events

Surabaya, 8 November
13.30-17.30, The Square Ballroom, stand 12 Jakarta, 11-12 November
11.00-17.00, Menara Astra, stand 19 Read more about the events

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Erika Santala venyttelee toinen käsi ylhäällä.

CampusMoWe provides well-being and sports services for students and staff at Satakunta universities

The well-being of students is considered extremely important at SAMK. One significant investment in this regard is CampusMoWe which offers well-being services at Satakunta’s higher education institutions.

SAMK took part in the Taisto exercise – Finland's largest digital security exercise helped to prepare for current threats

SAMK today participated in Finland's largest digital security exercise Taisto. Taisto is a nationwide exercise that provides a safe opportunity to practice, test and develop digital security and to build up skills and confidence to rely on in the event of a real incident.

Käsiä yhdessä / Hands together

SAMK campuses declared discrimination-free zones

SAMK campuses in Pori, Rauma, Huittinen and Kankaanpää were declared discrimination-free zones. The campuses stand against discrimination and recognise the equality of all people, from students to staff and partners.