INFOtelakka – Book a librarian

INFOtelakka, our book a librarian is a free service for SAMK students who need help in finding information for their thesis. During the INFOtelakka session, students learn to use research databases and to retrieve information on their topic using different search strategies and methods.

Activating teaching method

SAMK librarians guide students in searching information for their thesis, in narrowing the search and in considering different search terms. The students gain confidence in using high-quality research databases and other electronic and printed material as sources of information. Instead of finding the information for the students, our aim is to train the student to select the best information sources available and to make better queries, thereby saving time and improving the quality of their academic assignments.


Book an appointment

INFOtelakka offers personal assistance for students through appointments. Please contact your campus library or to book your INFOtelakka session and give us some background information:

  1. Your group code and campus
  2. The topic of your thesis
  3. What kind of searches have you done on your topic: which keywords have you used and how have you combined them?
  4. Which search engines or databases have you used so far while searching for information on your topic?
  5. Do you have any special wishes for this INFOtelakka session?
  6. What times suit you? Suggest a few time slots, e.g. "Mon 21 Jan 10–15", "Any time", "Mon–Fri after 15:30".


We guide online at HILL

Guidance is given via SAMK HILL platform. The campus librarians:

HILL guide



How was your session? Please give feedback.



Online coaching for information needs. Poster and handout at the European Conference on Information Literacy ECIL2016

Learning in a Green Living Room. Poster at the European Conference on Information Literacy ECIL2015