Hill instructions

Hill instructions

Hill is used as a distance learning platform. EduHill is a virtual room for SAMK students, where you can hold video meetings and collaborate with other students. This is a guide for students to use EduHill. The instructions describe how to use your own Hill room, record the session and share and download the recording. You will also find instructions for testing Hill (joining a test class) and EduHill (creating your own room).



Hill – Participant’s guide

Joining an online session

The teacher tells their own “Hill room” address for example in Moodle, and the room address is usually in the format of https://hill.webex.com/meet/firstname.surname

NOTE! The student’s own rooms can be found in EduHill, and their addresses are usually in the format of

  • There is student’s own SAMK-ID at the end of the link.

Starting the app:

When you first start the application in a browser, it will ask you to install the Webex add-on. Download the Webex.exe file to your computer and start it by following the instructions on the screen.

If the installation is not successful, there is usually an option on the screen to start it directly in the browser (Join from your browser). We recommend using Chrome or Firefox as a browser.

Connecting audio:

Before entering the room, select the audio and video settings for the session.

  • Always use computer for audio.
  • We recommend using a USB headset.
  • If you want to mute your microphone, click Mute and you’ll see when microphone is muted.
  • To unmute your microphone during the session, press Unmute on the bottom panel and your voice will be heard by the participants.
  • By pressing the arrow on the right of the Mute button, you can adjust your voice and change the microphone.

When you are ready, click the green Join meeting button and you will join the session.

Sharing video:

Before the session, you can choose whether you want to share your video image with the participants.

If you want to participate without video, press Stop video button.

You will see when your video is turned off. Your own video images are displayed on the mirror screen by default. You can turn off the mirror view, if you want to see yourself in your own video in the same way that other participants see you.

Share content:

The host of the session can grant you screen sharing rights if you share content with all participants.

Select Share from the bottom panel.

Note! Usually, Screen 1 mentioned at the top, is the best option to share your entire screen with all its contents. Note that all participants will then see your desktop and any programs you open on the screen.

If you are sharing content that you also want to include sound, such as YouTube video, remember to uncheck the box behind the speaker in the sharing window. This cannot be done while the sharing is already running, so if this step is forgotten, the sharing must be stopped and restarted.

During screen sharing, you can access session functions by moving the mouse to the upper edge of the screen.

Cisco Webex Meetings functions

In Cisco Webex meetings, you can define how participants and videos appear on your screen (Video Layout). You can choose whether the display panels are ”floating” (Floating panel view), so that you can make them smaller and larger and place them anywhere on your screen.

The bottom panel shows the most important management tools. For example muting and unmuting microphone, starting and stopping video and screen sharing.

In the lower right panel, you can see the participants and the chat windows.

The incoming and outgoing participant’s tone can be muted in the Participants menu under Entry and Exit Tone.

MacOS users:

An issue related to camera / microphone / sharing are usually caused from privacy settings.

From Apple menu:

> System Preferences
> Security & Privacy
> Privacy tab
Open the lock from the bottom left hand corner if needed (with the credentials you log on to your Apple computer).

Allow Webex to use Camera + Microphone + Screen recording.

After these, leave Hill session if you are still joined and join again.

Webex test online meeting

Presenter’s instructions for making an EduHill room

Launching for the first time

Address: https://eduhill.webex.com, Login with your M365 account.

Once your account is ready, sign in to EduHill with your SAMK-email. In your own view, under your name, you can see the web address of your own ”room”, which you can share with participants.

  • The address of your own room is usually in the format of
  • Which means that the end of the link is your own SAMK-ID.
  • You can open your virtual room by clicking Start. From that button, you can also see if you have the desktop app (Use desktop app). When launching your room for the first time, the program asks you to install the Webex app.
Tämä on ohje opiskelijoiden EduHillin käyttöön. Ohjeessa kerrotaan oman Hill-huoneen käytöstä.

In the future, you can start your room directly from the Webex desktop icon on your computer.

Things to note about the participants microphones

During the presentation, the session organizer should keep the microphones of the participants closed, so that noise and extra sounds do not reduce the quality of the speaker’s voice and lead to a bad recording.

The host of the session can turn off the microphones of the participants from the menu bar at the bottom of the Participants window under Mute all, so that everyone in the session will be muted.

The host of the session can also mute the microphones individually by pressing the red microphone icons from the participants list.

Tämä on ohje opiskelijoiden EduHillin käyttöön. Ohjeessa kerrotaan oman Hill-huoneen ja mikrofonien käytöstä.

Recording a session

Recording in the EduHill service works like in the Hill service. You need to be in a session (EduHill room) to start recording. Start recording by pressing Recorder button.

Tämä on ohje opiskelijoiden EduHillin käyttöön. Ohjeessa kerrotaan oman Hill-huoneen käytöstä ja tallentamisesta.

When the recording has started, you can see a red dot either on the upper left or right corner.

Tämä on ohje opiskelijoiden EduHillin käyttöön. Ohjeessa kerrotaan oman Hill-huoneen käytöstä ja tallentamisesta.

The sessions are saved to the Cisco Webex cloud service (record in cloud) by default. The sessions are saved in .MP4 file format.

When you want to end the recording, press Stop button. After this the recording starts to be created in the cloud service if this is selected as the storage location (by default if you don’t have a computer application installed or you are on a mobile device).

You will receive an email with a recording link when the recording is complete. Please note that depending on file size and bandwidth, it may take up to 24 hours to receive the recording.
You can also find your recordings by logging in to EduHill.

Ohjeessa kerrotaan oman Hill-huoneen käytöstä, istunnon nauhoittamisesta sekä tallenteen jakamisesta ja lataamisesta.

If you have the Webex desktop application, you can also save directly to your computer in MP4 format.

If you record to your computer in MP4 format, panels like Chat panel and any files you share using File share, will not be included in the recording.

Sharing and downloading

When you have created a session recording and you want to share or download it, you can find it by logging in to the Hill website.

In the submenu Recordings you can find all the created session recordings that were saved into the Hill cloud service.

Next to the recording name you will find the date, duration, file size and format.

Ohjeessa kerrotaan oman Hill-huoneen käytöstä, istunnon nauhoittamisesta sekä tallenteen jakamisesta ja lataamisesta.

If the session recording says generating… it has not yet been fully created. Depending on the length of the session this may take hours.

From the icons on the left you can:

  • Delete the recording
  • Download the recording
  • Share the recording / copy the link of the recording
  • Edit the recording

Test sessions

You can perform Webex self test from here: https://www.webex.com/test-meeting.html

Webex meeting check-out sessions

The check-out session makes sure the functionality of your own device: connection, microphone, camera and screen sharing. Here you can check all your devices which you want to take advantage of in the future. Phone and tablet use are also supported.

Before you open the session connect the headset to your computer or the device with which you´ll contact the test session. If you don´t have a headset, you can participate without it. In this case, find a peaceful place for participating.

  1. Open a browser and go to eSAMK's Hill room (Meeting number 846 384 327).
  2. Fill in your first name and surname and email, then press Join. If needed, allow let the app run on your device.
  3. Test that the sound is working and share also video image from your device.
  4. Instructions for the participant and answers to most common problems can be found HERE.