Artificial Intelligence (Data Engineering) Bachelor of Engineering

Are you into AI, machine learning and programming? Study a Bachelor's Degree in Artificial Intelligence and be the next tech talent.

Bachelor of Engineering

Degree Programme in Artificial Intelligence
Extent (credits): 240 ECTS credits
Duration: 4 years
Study type: Full-time studies
Language of tuition: English
Intake: 50
Campus: Satakunnankatu 23, Pori, Finland

Important dates

Next application period: 3  – 17 January 2024

Studies begin: August 2024

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Bachelor of Engineering, Artificial Intelligence

Are you the next AI expert?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shaking the field of technology as we speak. In addition to its impact on the future, it already has a significant impact on our everyday life.

The demand for AI specialists with hands-on experience and a deep understanding of these tools that can harness the power of AI in different usage scenarios is growing substantially.

Today AI is in the form of tools and libraries that don't require the scientific background to use them. Programming skills are not required to start the studies however students will pick up the skills required as most of the courses in AI include programming and working with development environments.

Your studies contain

  • Basic studies (e.g. applied mathematics, natural sciences, communication)
  • Professional studies (e.g. AI, machine learning, data science)
  • Elective studies
  • Practical training and Bachelor’s thesis.
  • Studies are carried out in English in a multicultural group of students in close cooperation with working life through projects.

You will learn

• Programming and Software Development
• Fundamentals of AI
• Hands-on in AI Tools and Environments
• Cloud Computing and AI
• Databases and Data Management
• Data Skills, Data Analytics, Statistics, and Explorative Data Analysis
• Supervised, Unsupervised, and Reinforcement Learning
• Natural Language Processing
• Machine Vision and AI in Robotics
• Entrepreneurship

Study among the experts

Students are mentored by the experts of RoboAI consisting of 20 experts working in the fields of automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and welfare technology. RoboAI functions as a global innovation platform for research and development as well as education and competence. The centre of RoboAI is the joint use laboratory of SAMK Campus Pori.

Goal of the studies

The goal of the studies is to prepare the students for the versatile demands of the modern working life.

AI professionals at work

Graduates will be working as AI specialists that have the required hands-on skills for implementing modern AI tools and methods into various scenarios from basic data analysis and machine learning to implementing state-of-the-art AI tools to serve better the various needs of companies in different industries.

Professional titles

  • AI Developer
  • Machine Learning Expert
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Specialist / AI Entrepreneur
  • Software Developer

Computer specifications for studies

AI tools and software are demanding from a computer and require a powerful laptop during your studies.

Aiming for the recommended specs is recommended as your computer will be the primary tool during your studies. If the computer is not according to the minimum specs, some exercises and tasks might not be completed, which can affect grading.

Support from the staff is only guaranteed for devices that meet the minimum specs. Students must have full administrative rights to computers and access to BIOS/UEFI, because many installations need to be done with full rights.

Minimum requirements

Operating System: Windows 11
CPU: X86 Processor (4 cores, 8 threads)
GPU: Nvidia GPU (Nvidia GTX 1650 or better)
Storage: 512GB SSD

Recommended requirements

Operating System: Windows 11
CPU: X86 Processor (8 cores)
GPU: Nvidia GPU (Nvidia RTX 3050 or better)
Storage: 1TB SSD

SAMK – The best quality of education!

SAMK – The highest employment rate outside the metropolitan area!

Survey of Ministry of Education and Culture for those graduated from university of applied sciences in 2009 – 2021.

You are warmly welcome to start your studies at SAMK Campus Pori.

Modern and Versatile Campus

SAMK campus is located in the city centre of Pori and it is future’s learning environment.

  • Over 4000 students
  • Diversified: business, health care and social services, technology, tourism
  • Around 600 degrees per year
  • Good traffic connections: located next to the Travel Centre of Pori. It is easy to arrive by a local or long-distance bus or train.

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