Tuition fee waiver for international students on humanitarian grounds

SAMK grants tuition fee waivers on humanitarian grounds to up to 50 foreign degree students each year. The fee waiver may be granted to a person under temporary protection who has been issued a residence permit based on the temporary protection.

The fee waiver is granted for one academic year at a time and on the condition that the student progresses in their studies in accordance with the study plan, i.e. completes at least 60 credits per year. The fee waiver is valid as long as the person is a member of a group under temporary protection and has been issued a residence permit in Finland on that or some other basis.

The person who has been granted a fee waiver is not entitled to any SAMK scholarship, not even a Finnish Language or Student Ambassador Scholarship, even if their language skills or ambassadorship would otherwise allow it.

Open studies: Finnish language courses

Under the project “Kohti Jälleenrakennusta”, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences is offering online Finnish language courses (A1.2 TO A2.2) free of cost. The objective of the project is to support the reconstruction of Ukraine, to increase the supply of Finnish language and culture training and to respond to the labor needs of province. Although these courses are primarily offered to Ukrainians having temporary protection, we highly encourage interested individuals (residing in Finland) to register for the courses because open studies are open for all. The selection for the course will be based on order of registration.

Note to SAMK’s degree program students: Please do not register to these online courses if you are able to enroll to the on-campus Finnish language courses which belongs to your curricula.

Studies in Open UAS

SAMK provides its Open University of Applied Sciences courses taught in English free of charge to Ukrainian who have temporary protection status. Applicants must have sufficient English skills.

You can find a selection of courses in English from the link below.
You can change the system language to English from the globe icon in the upper right corner. Then select your search criteria on the left side of the site to find studies in English à Language: English.

After finding a course you would like to complete, you can register for the course by clicking “Apply”. If there are a limited number of study places in the course, the places are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

After fulfilling the needed applicant´s information on the electronic form, you have to proceed to the payment section. In the payment section you can bypass the online payment by using code UKR100.

When your enrolment has been processed, the Student Services Secretary will send you an instruction email to the email address you provided in the application form. The email is sent just before the course begins. If the course is a nonstop course the applications are processed in the next two weeks, but not processed during the summer break (July).

Open UAS studies

Open UAS path studies

SAMK provides path studies taught in English free of charge to Ukrainian who have fled the war. Applicants must have sufficient English skills.

Path studies consist of the basic and professional studies of the first and second year (curriculum of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees). The studies are carried out among the degree students. After completing the path studies, you can apply through a separate application system for a degree student, and continue studies with the same familiar group.

The next path studies in English will start in Autumn 2024 and enrolment for path studies is on 5 August – 9 August 2024. There are a limited number of study places for path studies.

The right to study free of charge is informed in the application form.

Supporting Ukrainian university students with Erasmus+ funding

SAMK has possibility to host and financially support Ukrainian students with Erasmus+ funding.

Student exchange

SAMK accepts Ukrainian students for a semester exchange with Erasmus+ funding. Eligible students are those who were registered as degree students at Ukrainian higher education institutions at the start of Russian aggression. Please check the possible degree programs and study fields from the SAMK website for more information. To prove his/her eligibility students need e.g. transcript of records or a certificate of enrollment.

SAMK takes care of the mobility arrangements and pays the grant. There’s no need for the inter-institutional agreements, students sign the learning agreement with SAMK, also the grant agreement is signed between the student and SAMK.

The grant is paid for the time of studies, duration for the possible study period is one semester (approx.. 4-5 months). The grant for a student is 1150 €/month + travel grant. SAMK reserves the right to determine the number of students, in case there will be many applications. The deadline for applications for the Spring semester 2024 is 30 November. When interested in the exchange possibilities, please, contact International Relations Coordinator Sanna Juhantalo,

More information

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The International Office on SAMK Campus Pori is open from Monday to Friday at 8.00-15.00.

The International Office on SAMK Campus Rauma is open from Monday to Friday at 9.00-15.00.

You can also contact us via email or by phone.

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