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Open UAS

Path studies aim at degree studies

The path studies are mainly first and second year UAS studies in accordance with the curricula of the degree group. After completing the path studies, you can apply for a degree student in a separate application system and continue your studies in a familiar study group.

Open UAS Path Studies

  • In path studies you will mainly study with the degree group the studies belonging to the first/second year curriculum of Bachelor´s/Master´s studies.
  • Path studies are arranged as day time, multiform or online studies.
  • With path studies you can lighten your future study load as a degree student in advance and speed up your studies.
  • After completing the path studies, you can apply through separate application system for a degree student and continue your studies with the same familiar group.
  • Studies completed as path studies can be credited as a part of the degree programme after admission as a full degree student.

Please note these restrictions

SAMK degree students CANNOT participate in SAMK’s open UAS studies. If you are a SAMK degree student, register for the courses in Loki as usual.

If you are obliged to pay a term fee for your UAS studies, you cannot be chosen for open UAS path studies. More information on term fees.

Path studies are not regarded as studies leading to a degree, so residence permit for studies in Finland is not granted based on an Path study place.

Application periods for path studies

Path Study application periods are usually organized twice a year, after the higher education spring and autumn joint application periods. Next application period is 5 – 9 August 2024.

SAMK Campus Rauma

Application period is 5 – 9 August 2024.

Paths studies info

Contact Information

Open UAS
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Postal address
P.O. Box 1001, FI-28101 Pori, Finland

General contacts in matters related to studying at the Open University of Applied Sciences. Questions relating to the course and its content are answered by the course teacher.

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Path studies offer a different route to a degree

Path studies are open UAS studies the idea of which is to offer a chance to become a degree student after completing a set entity of studies. For whom are they meant and how can one apply for them?