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Apply for a transfer

Want to transfer from another university to SAMK?

You can apply for a transfer of your study right to SAMK from another higher education institution in Finland. It is not possible to transfer from abroad.

When you transfer to SAMK, you give up your study right at your previous higher education institution and transfer it to SAMK.

You should be aware that applying for a transfer to SAMK will not give you more time to complete your studies or to receive student financial aid. The maximum study period is based on the date when you accepted your study place in the previous higher education institution.

The semesters you have been enrolled as present or absent in your previous studies will be reduced from your study right when we calculate how much time you have left to study after the transfer. If you are obligated to pay the tuition fee, you will pay the same amount as the 1st year students after the transfer.

Criteria for transferring

To apply for a transfer, you must fulfill these criteria:

  • you have a valid right to study in another higher education institution in the same or similar field of education
  • you have advanced in your studies enough to be able to graduate within the remaining study time
  • you meet the eligibility requirements of the education you are applying for
  • you have studied for at least one semester in your current higher education institution. For example, if you became a student in autumn 2021, you could apply for a transfer in the same autumn and begin your studies at SAMK on 1 January 2022 at the earliest.

Transfer admission can be admitted if:

  • you fulfill the transfer requirements above
  • there is an available study place in the degree programme you have applied to
  • you can complete your studies within the normative study time.

Application periods

You can apply for a transfer to SAMK from 1 to 15 May or from 1 to 15 November. If you apply and get accepted in spring, you can begin your studies in the beginning of the autumn semester. If you apply and get accepted in autumn, you can begin your studies in the beginning of the spring semester.

Filling in the application

You can fill in the transfer application online on during the application period.


You need to attach these documents to your application form:

  • a study certificate showing your enrollment history (present and absent terms)
  • a transcript of records in Finnish and English.

Please combine these documents into a single pdf file, if possible.

To which degree programmes you can apply?

You can apply to almost all of our degree programmes. Approximately a month before the start of the application period, you can find information about the transfer application on the website of each degree programme included in the transfer application.

You cannot apply for a transfer to this degree programme:

  • Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Health Care.

When you will receive the transfer decision

You will receive the transfer decision by e-mail either by 15 June (spring application period) or by 15 December (autumn application period). If you receive a study place offer, you must accept it by 15 July (spring application period) or by 20 December (autumn application period). When you accept the study place offered, you give up your study right at your previous higher education institution.

Recognition of prior learning

You can get your previous studies, skills, or other experiences, such as work, recognised and included in your degree. This process is called the recognition of prior learning (RPL or AHOT).

Contact us

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The Admissions Office plans and implements the applications and selection of students for degree programmes and provides advice to applicants. In addition, the Admissions Office handles tasks related to the registration for the academic year and processes the resignation notifications and the applications for the extension or restitution of the study right. They collect tuition fees from the students liable to pay the fees and prepare decisions on the scholarships granted based on study results.