Description of Quality System

The quality system of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, the Quality Manual, guides and supports every actor at SAMK to implement his/her work according to the strategy and objectives towards a mutual vision.

The quality system is based on valid ISO9001:2015 and ISO9004 standards. In addition, Maritime Education in SAMK complies with the requirements set out by the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW 2010 including Manila Amendments).

SAMK’s quality system is described with the PDCA cycle known as the Deming circle. External and intern operating environment together with the client needs give contents and direction for the operation guiding the choice of focal points. A fundamental part of the operation is continuous development based on feedback and assessment information.

SAMK Quality System Eng

Documented information

The quality system includes various kind of documented information, such as internal regulations, administrative instructions and quality documents.

Internal regulations are: regulations, co-operation agreement between student union SAMMAKKO and SAMK, budget, standing orders on commercial transactions, plan of equality 2016-2018, operational instructions, examination board regulations, degree regulations.

Administrative regulations are: A1129/2014 Government Decree on Universities of Applied Sciences; A293/2014 Government Decree on the Joint Application System of Universities of Applied Sciences; L932/14 Universities of Applied Sciences Act with amendments; Alliance Agreement “Coastal”with TurkuAMK, Agreement between Ministry of Education and Culture and the maintaining organization and SAMK for the period 2017-2020; Partnership Agreement; Decision on Operating Licence; Co-operation Agreement of Satakorkea; Agreement on Occupational Health Services; Authorization for establishment of polytechnic 16/401/96