The Board of Directors has the highest authority at the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. The basic operations, namely education as well as research, development and innovations (RDI) have been allocated to the relevant faculties.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors comprises nine members: the cities of Pori and Rauma each appoint two members, the cities of Huittinen and Kankaanpää each appoint one member and business life representatives jointly appoint one member. The University of Applied Sciences has two members on the Board of Directors, one elected by the staff and another elected by the students. The President, who is also the Managing Director of the company, attends Board meetings as a presenting official.

  • Kaarina Ranne, chairperson (Pori)
  • Marika Leppänen, vice chairperson (Rauma)
  • Jukka Hurrila (business life (Rauma Chamber of Commerce, Satakunta Chamber of Commerce and Satakunnan yrittäjät)
  • Katri Kujanpää (Kankaanpää)
  • Henna Nordman (SAMK)
  • Vesa Rosenqvist (SAMK)
  • Tapio Rosnell (Pori)
  • Anni Tormas (Huittinen)
  • Pekka Wallenius (Rauma)


City of Pori 50.04%, Rauma 23.42%, Kankaanpää 2.34%, Huittinen 5.46%; Eurajoki, Eura, Harjavalta, Kokemäki, Laitila, Nakkila, Säkylä, Ulvila and Uusikaupunki as well as Rauma Chamber of Commerce, Satakunta Chamber of Commerce and the Regional Organisation of Enterprises in Satakunta, 1.56% each

President and the Management Group

SAMK's operations are led by the President, who is also the Managing Director of the Company. The President is supported by the Management Group, which comprises Vice Presidents, the Director of Finance and Administration Services as well as the Deans of Faculties and Head of Communications and Marketing.

  • Jari Multisilta, President, Managing Director, Chairman
  • Timo Mattila, Vice President for Education
  • Cimmo Nurmi, Vice President for Research
  • Tommi Tamminen, Director, Finance and Administration Services
  • Jari Iisakkala, Dean, Faculty of Service Business
  • Tiina Savola, Dean, Faculty of Health and Welfare
  • Heikki Haaparanta, Dean, Faculty of Technology
  • Riitta Tempakka, Dean, Faculty of Logistics and Maritime Technology
  • Jani Wahlman, Head of Communications and Marketing
  • Katja Lempinen, Senior Adviser (until 31.8.2024)

Introducing the Management Group

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SAMK's matrix-type organisation comprises four faculties: Health and Welfare, Service Business, Logistics and Maritime Technology and Technology.

Faculty operations – education and RDI operations – are supported by Student Services, Education Services, International Services, Library Services, Continuing Education Services, RDI and Entrepreneurship, Project Design, Event Services, ICT and Digital Services, Finance and Administration Services, as well as Communication Services and Quality Services.

SAMK's organisation


Advisory Boards

SAMK's Degree-specific Advisory Boards convey insights from the working life in order to direct and develop education and RDI operations regionally. In addition to the staff and students, the nearly 20 Advisory Boards of SAMK comprise business life representatives, some of whom are SAMK alumni. The Advisory Boards play an essential role in the development of curricula and the forecasting of the need for workforce and education as well as in the maintenance of constant interaction between SAMK and the working life.

Other internal bodies

Education Committee

Student Selection Board

Examination Board

Co-operation Negotiation Advisory Board