Basis for operation and continuous development at SAMK

Each of our students will be employed because our degree programmes are profiled for the needs of this area and collaboration with working life is comprehensive.

Essential for SAMK’s operation is to

  • produce skillful labour for the needs of the province and its vicinity by choosing its education and educational volume based on analyses anticipating development of economic structure, need for manpower and competence
  • renew expertise in the province and its vicinity by acting as a transferrer of new know-how to working life and as a supporter of the population’s life-long learning
  • act as a provincial gathering power of collaboration with working life by leading innovation environments, development and expert networks, as well as centres for expertise
  • act as a promoter of entrepreneurship and making the province and its vicinity international
  • develop our own expertise, especially in the strong and emerging fields

Quality policy at SAMK

  • The operation is customer-oriented.
  • The operation is intentionally aimed at high quality and a continuous development.
  • To maintain the high quality is in everyone’s agenda among the personnel.
  • Strategic leadership and operational development are based on continuous evaluation.
  • The quality system supporting a high-level running of basic tasks is maintained.

Quality goals

Quality goals of guiding processes

  • SAMK has a clear and challenging vision and understandable strategic goals and operational plans to guide the operation.
  • The personnel can identify their work as a part of SAMK’s entire operation and work satisfaction is high.
  • To evaluate one’s own performance and to utilize and handle the collected information together with the personnel is a natural well-accepted part of action at all levels of SAMK.
  • The set goals and operational obligations go hand-in-hand with the allocated resources.

Quality goals of education

  • The education is certified to be of high quality.
  • The know-how of the graduates is up-to-date and appreciated by working life.
  • The students graduate on target time (regular performance time)
  • The education is appealing.
  • The students participate in developing the tuition.

Quality goals of research, development and innovation

  • The research projects are initiated by the needs of working life.
  • The results of the research projects can quickly be utilized by working life.
  • Increasing the expertise of our own personnel, which again is transferred to the students and further to the working life.
  • Research and development has a strong connection with tuition.

Quality goals of service processes

  • The service processes enable fluent studying, teaching and researching.
  • The students appreciate the learning environments.