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Tracker collects electricity at SAMK Campus Pori and serves both education and research

A tracker collects solar energy in the yard of SAMK Campus Pori. The tracker that was assembled last autumn is a part of the solar power installations used for education and research. 

11.7.2019 | By: Aino Pelto-Huikko | Photo: Petri Lähde & Anne Sankari

Aurinkoseuraaja asennettiin syys-lokakuussa 2018.

The tracker was assembled is September – October 2018. It is a part of the Energy Engineering students´ learning environment.

The tracker located in the parking lot of SAMK consists of 12 panels that turn according to the movements of the sun. The maximum output of the solar panel system is 4.8 kW, which is achieved in May – August when the sun shines. As the tracker always turns to the sun, the output is maximum for the prevailing weather.  

The size of the tracker is 6 x 5 metres (height x width). Electrical connections come from the nearest switchboard and the energy is fed to campus network. 

Trakkeri SAMK-kampus Pori takaa

Aurinkoseurain takaa. Infotaulussa kerrotaan sen toiminnasta ja mihin saatua sähköä käytetään. | Solar collector from behind. Information board tells about the functioning of solar collector and what the generated electricity is used for.


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