The quality of teaching at SAMK once again ranked best in Finland

Graduate students – bachelor's and master’s degrees – are very satisfied with their studies at SAMK. 

1.4.2022 | By: Inna Saarinen | Photo: Veera Korhonen

SAMK kampus Porin rakennus kuvattuna taivasta vasten.

Based on the results of the AVOP student feedback survey by universities of applied sciences and the Ministry of Education, in 2021, SAMK was the best university of applied sciences in Finland in student-oriented organization, planning, guidance and teaching.  

At the same time, SAMK was second best university of applied sciences in Finland when assessing studying, learning environments and students’ satisfaction with their studies.  

Among bachelor’s degree graduates, SAMK ranks second best (out of 23 universities of applied sciences) in terms of AVOP indicators and third best among master’s degree graduates.  

The approximately 30 questions of the AVOP survey deal with core areas of learning and teaching; planning, guidance and teaching. These include, for example, the expertise, clarity and comprehensibility of the teaching, the suitability and diversity of the teaching methods used, the content of the teaching materials, the high-quality content of the curricula and the timely and appropriate distribution of studies over the study years.  

– The long-term development of quality in the entire university community together with students and working life bears fruit here, says Timo Mattila, Vice Rector for Education. 

– The fact that SAMK again set a new record at the Open University of Applied Sciences also says a lot about the quality of teaching. From 2019 to 2021, the number of courses offered by SAMK at Open University of Applied Sciences has increased approximately 2.5-fold. The number of bachelor's and master’s degrees completed was also the second largest in the history of SAMK. Teaching is of good quality when there is more learning than ever before, he continues. 

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