Satakunta Sports Marketing Award of the Year a great addition to students’ CVs

The Sports Marketing Award of the Year in Satakunta was given to Finnish Championships in boxing organized in Pori. Porin NMKY (Pori YMCA) and Satakunta University of Applied Sciences arranged the Finnish Championships together and received the award at Satakunta Sports Gala. For the students this came as a nice surprise – and a great addition to the CV when applying for work.

7.3.2019 | By: Anne Sankari | Photo: Anne Sankari

Satakunnan urheiluteko - osa palkituista SAMKissa

Photo: SAMK offered lunch for the winning student team – some members of the victorious team were present in Pori and had time to sit down and pose for the photos with the award. Sitting in the front row: Jussi Väinölä, Joni Kotro, Senior Lecturer Tero Tuomi and Elina Tiainen. Back row: Tom Tuomi, Sonja Röntynen and Julia Maanawadu.

Students thought it was great that they could do things themselves – the teacher was there and guided, but only if needed.

– Tero does not interfere straight away if things don´t go as he would like to, says Elina Tiainen who was in charge of e.g. ticket sales.

– The greatest moment was when the plan came alive from paper on-the-spot, describes Joni Kotro who had the role of the head of security at the event.

Students organized the arrangements and marketing from place arrangements to ticket sales, kiosk and ring boys, from logos and flyers to videos and entrance tickets. Flyers actually spread around Finland, all the way to Savo and Helsinki. Responsibility was accepted and regarded as a showcase, actions followed accordingly.

– Problems and setbacks were turned into advantages, Kotro mentions.

Responsibility was accepted and regarded as a showcase

Several members of the student group had been involved in organizing the SataSisu Fight Night a year before, which had been a good learning experience for all.

In practice, organizing the Finnish Championships was not just one study unit but several study units were combined to it.

The teacher behind the project group was Tero Tuomi, who gave his support and threw himself to the project as well.

Leo-Pekka Tähti was selected as the Sportperson of the Year. Have a look at the other award-winners and the photos on Sports Gala.


Satakunnan urheiluteko - osa palkituista SAMKissa

Juttutuokio. / Just chatting during break.

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